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Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity
Newsletter of the Queen's Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy
No. 30, October 2003


1. Introduction
2. Reparations Conference
3. Upcoming Conferences
4. Recent Publications
5. New Journal
6. Internet Resources
7. Courses and Fellowships


The Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy at Queen's University is
organizing a multi-year, research project on citizenship, democracy and
minority rights in multiethnic states, under the direction of Prof. Will
Kymlicka. As part of this project, the Forum distributes a quarterly
newsletter updating recent developments in the field, of which this is the
thirtieth issue. We hope that it will be of interest to anyone working in
the field, whether in academia, public service, or various
non-governmental organizations.

If you know anyone who would like to be added to the mailing list for this
newsletter, please contact us at cded@post.queensu.ca . Back-issues
of the newsletter are posted on the Web on Will Kymlicka's home-page:


The Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy is pleased to be co-sponsoring
an international conference on "Reparations: An Interdisciplinary
Examination of Some Philosophical Issues", hosted by the Department of
Philosophy at Queen's University, from February 6-8, 2004. In this event
speakers coming from five continents will draw on their diverse expertise
and experiences as economists, lawyers, philosophers, political theorists,
public policy specialists and representatives of NGOs in examining a range
of philosophical issues pertaining to four different reparations cases:
reparations for victims of war, reparations for indigenous peoples,
reparations for victims of colonialism, and reparations for victims of
slavery. For more information, contact the conference organizer: Jon
Miller, Department of Philosophy, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario,
K7L 3N6; phone: 613-533-2182; fax: 613-533-6545; email:
miller@post.queensu.ca. Or visit the conference website at:


A conference on "Nationalism in the New World" will be held on October
9-11, 2003 at Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, Tennessee. It will
bring together scholars from Europe, North, Central and South America to
examine the role of the Americas in shaping the new world of independent
nation-states. The program is available at:

There will be a conference on "Varieties of Pluralism", hosted by the
Philosophy Department of Vanderbilt University, on Oct. 26-27, 2003, in
Nashville, Tennessee. Speakers include Nicholas Rescher, Susan Haack,
William Galston, Nancy Rosenblum and Joseph Margolis. For further
information, contact Donna Browning, (615) 322-2637.

A conference marking the 5th anniversary of the entering into force of the
Council of Europe's Framework Convention for the Protection of National
Minorities will take place from October 30-31st, 2003, in the Palais de
l'Europe, Strasbourg, France. The aim of the conference is to review the
progress made in the implementation of the treaty and provide a forum for
national authorities, NGO representatives, international and regional
organizations, and scholars to exchanges views and experiences in regard
to how the findings of monitoring bodies under the framework could better
be followed up in the work of national and international governments. For
more information on the conference, contact: Lucie Missemer email:
lucie.missemer@coe.int; phone: +33 3 90 21 50 40; fax: +33 3 90 21 49 18

The Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, in association with the
Canadian Network of Federalism Studies, will host a conference entitled
"Quebec and Canada in the New Century: New Dynamics, New Opportunities".
The conference will take place October 31st - November 1st, 2003, at the
School of Policy Studies, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada. The
conference will assess recent trends in Quebec society and politics, and
consider their implications for the future management of the Canadian
federation. For more information, including registration information and
details about the conference program, visit the conference website

For its annual symposium, the Connecticut Law Review is hosting an event
called "Affirmative Action: An International Perspective on a Global
Dilemma", to be held at the University of Connecticut School of Law in
Hartford Connecticut, from November 5th-6th, 2003. The symposium will
consider the approaches of countries other than the USA to the advancement
of people from minority groups, particularly in light of the recent debate
over educational affirmative action within the USA. For more information,
visit the CLR website at: http://www.connecticutlawreview.org

On November 14th, 2003, the Woodrow Wilson Center's Latin American Program
will host a conference on "Analyzing Citizenship in Latin American
Democracies" in Washington DC. The aim of the conference will be to
investigate the recent wave of democratization in Latin America, which has
witnessed a large degree of consolidation of political institutions
without appreciable development in the area of state-society relations.
For more information about the conference, contact: Meg Ruthenburg, Latin
American Program, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, 1300
Pennsylvania Ave, NW South, Washington, DC 20523; phone: 202-691-4075;
fax: 202-691-4076

The Institute of Political Science at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski
University, in Warsaw, Poland, will host a conference on the topic
"National Identity in Contemporary Europe" on November 21st, 2003. The
event will consider problems associated with nationality and
multiculturalism, mainly in the European context, but also in contexts
outside Europe. For more details contact: Tomasz Zyro, email:
terminus@uksw.edu.pl or zyro@uni-trier.de

The Southeast Asia Research Centre at the City University of Hong Kong is
organizing an international conference on "Ethnicity in Multicultural
Asia: Theory and Findings" on 27-29 November 2003 at the City University.
The conference will explore social interaction between Muslims and Han
Chinese in China and Southeast Asia. It will examine Islam as one of the
important variables of ethnic relations in China and Southeast Asia, by
comparing Muslim-Han relations within China, Indonesia, Malaysia,
Singapore and Thailand. The comparison will highlight a wide range of
Muslim-Chinese relations: from peaceful co-existence to ethnic
segmentation to armed conflict. Keynote speakers include Colin Mackerras
and Dru Gladney. For information, contact Ms Angel Ho at Tel: (852)
21942352, Fax: (852) 21942353 or Email: seangel@cityu.edu.hk

A conference called "Religion, Rights and Responsibilities, or Religion
and Equal Rights in a Pluralistic Democracy" will take place December 4-5,
2003. Hosted by the Institute of Philosophy and the Study of Religions at
the University of Southern Denmark, the conference will investigate
questions related to peaceful co-existence between religions, between
religious and non-religious values, and between religious groups and the
state. For further details, contact conference organizers Lars Bindrup
(email: larsbindrup@mail.tele.dk) or Tim Jensen (email:

"The International Workshop on Inter-Culturalism" is a three-day event
organized to take place December 10-12, 2003, at the University of Chile,
in Santiago, Chile. The workshop will take the form of panels, roundtables
and symposiums, each bringing together specialists from Latin America and
other regions. For details, contact: Milka Castro Lucic, Coordinator,
International Workshop of Interculturalism, Universidad de Chile, Diagonal
Paraguay 265 of. 1405, Santiago Chile; phone: 56-2-6782148; fax:
56-2-6782061; email: mcastro@uchile.cl

The 50th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Political and Legal
Philosophy (producers of the NOMOS series) will be held in Atlanta,
Georgia, USA, from January 2-3, 2004. The theme of this year's event will
be "Toleration and its Limits". Philosophical, legal and political
perspectives on this theme will be investigated by scholars representing
institutions around the world. A program for the event, which will be held
in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Association of Law
Schools, is posted on the ASPLP website:

The Department of English at the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India,
will host the next Indian Association for Canadian Studies Conference from
February 23-25, 2004, on the theme "Challenges of Diversity: Canada and
India". For information about the conference, contact: Santosh Gupta,
Department of English, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur-302004; phone:
0141-2650654; email: santoshg26@yahoo.com

>From March 3-5, 2004, the Department of Sociology of the University of
Mumbai will host a three-day conference on "Ethnic Identity and Ethnic
Conflict in Multicultural Societies". The conference will include
delegates from Germany, Austria, Canada and the United States, in addition
to prominent scholars from India. For more information, contact the
conference coordinator: Indira Munshi, University Campus, Vidyanagari,
Santacruz (E), Mumbai-400 098; phone: 652 60 91-652 63 88 (ext. 317), 652
7956 / 57; fax: 91-22-652 6893/652 8712/ 652 6378; email:

From March 26-30, 2004, a global conference entitled "Redefining Europe:
Federalism and the Union of European Democracies" will take place in
Prague, Czech Republic. This inter-disciplinary conference, sponsored by
The Association to Unite the Democracies, Anglo-American College, Prague,
and Inter-Disciplinary.Net, will mark the launch of a new annual project
in the 'Redefining Europe' series of research projects, which aims to
provide a forum for the examination and evaluation of the possibility of a
Euro-Atlantic Partnership embracing federalist ideas. Papers, reports,
presentations and workshops are invited on themes such as; the new
European Union Constitution and its implications, the role of federalism
and federalist principles, subsidiarity, issues of sovereignty and
implications for education, justice, social welfare and religion. All
papers presented at the conference will be published in an e-Book and
selected papers will be published in a thematic monograph. For details,
contact Robert Lamson, Association to Unite the Democracies, email:
AtUnite@unionnow.org; or Joe Drew, Anglo-American University, Prague,
email: jdrew@gwu.edu For further details about the conference please go
to: http://www.inter-disciplinary.net/aud/re03cfp.htm

The Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy is organizing a conference on
the theme "Constructing Tomorrow's Federalism: New Routes to Effective
Governance," to be held in Regina on March 25-26, 2004. The Institute's
goal is to renew the scholarly discourse on federalism and governance by
creating a forum in which scholars and practitioners can present their
views, test one another's assumptions about federalism and democratic
governance, and identify norms that would better secure the legitimacy and
stability of governance in Canada. For more information, contact Ian Peach
of the Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy at: Ian.Peach@uregina.ca

Metropolis and the Montreal Centre for Inter-University Research on
Immigration, Integration and Urban Dynamics will host the Seventh National
Metropolis Conference in Montreal from March 25-28, 2004. The title of
this year's national conference is: "Immigration and Integration at the
Heart of the Debate: Research, Policy and Practice". For details about the
event, visit the Metropolis National Conference website at:
http://im.metropolis.net/site/html/Confmetro_EV.htm or contact:
IMMIGRATION and METROPOLIS, Pavillon 3744 Jean-Brillant, University of
Montreal, PO Box 6128, Succ. Centre-Ville Montreal (Quebec), H3C 3J7, tel:
(514) 343-7246; fax: (514) 343-7078; email: im-metropolis@umontreal.ca

On March 27, 2004, the Philosophy Graduate Students Association at the
University of Kentucky will hold its 7th annual graduate student
conference. The title of this year's event is "Citizenship: the Who and
How of Political Participation". The keynote speaker will be Nancy
Hartsock, Paper submissions should be received by January 15, 2004. For
details, contact: Brett A. Smith, 7th Annual PGSA Conference, Department
of Philosophy, University of Kentucky, 1415 Patterson Office Tower,
Lexington, Kentucky, 40506-0027; email: basmit3@uky.edu. Phone

A workshop on "Collective Identity, Sovereignty and Minority Rights",
organized as part of the International Law and Ethics Conference Series
(ILECS), will take place April 9-10, 2004, at the Center for Philosophical
Education in Santa Barbara. Participants at this event will include, among
others, Richard Falk, Larry May, Majorie Cohn and Jovan Babic. Potential
attendees should contact Aleksander Jokic (email: ajokic@sbceo.org) for
further details.

The 9th Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of
Nationalities (ASN) will be held at the Harriman Institute at Columbia
University, New York, from April 15-17, 2004. The topic for this year's
World Convention is "Nation, Identity and Conflict". Panels will be held
on several topics, such as; the Balkans, the Baltics, Central Europe,
Russia, Ukraine, Caucasus, Central Asia, Turkey and China, and a special
section will be included with a focus on Theoretical Approaches to
Nationalism. Those interested in submitting panel or paper proposals
should submit to the following email address: darel@uottawa.ca and those
interested in submitting exhibits and advertisements or finding out about
local accommodations should contact: gnb12@columbia.edu All other
information about the ASN World Convention can be obtained by visiting the
ASN website: http://www.nationalities.org

The Minda da Gunzburg Center for European Studies at Harvard University is
organizing a graduate student workshop on "Incorporating Minorities in
Europe: Nineteenth Century to the Present", on 16-17 April 2004. Doctoral
students from universities in North America and Europe writing their
dissertations on topics pertaining to minorities in modern Europe are
eligible to participate, and acceptance is competitive. The Center will
provide travel and accommodation expenses for all participants. For more
information, contact Lisa Eschenbach, Minda da Gunzburg Center, Harvard
University, 27 Kirkland St., Cambridge MA 02138. Email:

"Colonialism and its Legacies" is the theme of the 2004 annual
international meeting of the Conference for the Study of Political Thought
(CSPT), which will be held at the University of Chicago's Gleacher Center
from April 23-25, 2004. The meeting is being organized by Iris M. Young
and Jacob Levy. Presenters will include Taiaiake Alfred, Bhikhu Parekh,
Jennifer Pitts, James Tully and Jesse Souza. Potential pesenters and
attendees should go to the conference website, where a complete program
and registration information can be found:

On April 28-29, 2004, the Centre of Canadian Studies and the School of Law
at the University of Edinburgh will host a conference entitled
"Constitutionalism and Cultural Pluralism: Lessons from Canada". The
conference will explore the lessons that might be drawn for both
international bodies and state governments around the world from the
constitutional management of cultural pluralism in Canada. Issues to be
investigated include federalism, official bilingualism, the status of
Aboriginal Peoples and the entrenchment of cultural rights in the Canadian
Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Deadline for submissions to this event
is November 30th, 2003. For more information, contact: Grace Owens, Centre
of Canadian Studies, 21 George Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9LD, Scotland;
phone: 0131 650 4129; fax: 0131 650 4130; email: grace.owens@ed.ac.uk
Questions can also be directed to the conference organizer, Stephen
Tierney, at: stephen.tierney@ed.ac.uk

The 11th Symposium of the International Association of Women Philosophers
will be held on the theme "Human good ð Dignity, equality, and diversity"
in G”teborg, Sweden, on June 17-19 2004. The Symposium of IAPh welcomes
critiques and reconsiderations of traditional conceptions of our common
human good and the conditions for flourishing human lives in a time of
changing global relationships. Participants are invited to treat the
subject of human good from a variety of divergent philosophical starting
points, including 1. Welfare/Flourishing/Group identity/Embodiment; 2.
Globalizing justice/Postnational democracy/Agency in the public sphere;
and 3. Personal relations/Sexuality/Death/Care. Abstracts for papers
should be submitted no later than 1st November 2003, using a form at the
official homepage: http://www.iaph2004.com/, which also contains
additional information about the conference.

The Canadian Anthropology Society will host a conference on May 6-9, 2004,
in London, Ontario, on the theme "Citizenship and Public Space". Taking
place at the University of Western Ontario, the event aims to bring
together anthropologists and specialists in neighbouring fields that share
common interests in the areas of citizenship and community-making. For
more information, contact: Kim Clark, CASCA 2004, Department of
Anthropology, Social Science Centre, University of Western Ontario,
London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 5C2; phone: 519-661-2111, ext. 85090; fax
519-661-2157; email: casca04@uwo.ca. The conference website can be found
at: http://www.ssc.uwo.ca/anthropology/casca/welcome_english.html

The 8th Annual International Law and Ethics Conference Series (ILECS) will
be devoted to the philosophy of Immanuel Kant, under the general theme
"Kant and the Ethics of International Affairs". The event will take place
at the University of Belgrade, from June 30 - July 2, 2004, and will
commemorate the 200th anniversary of Kant's death. For more information,
contact: Aleksander Jokic, email:ajokic@sbceo.org

The Ninth International Conference of the International Academy of
Linguistic Law will host a conference from September 15-18, 2004, in
Beijing, China, in cooperation with the China University of Political
Science and Law and the Institute of Applied Linguistics, Chinese Ministry
of Education. Working languages for the conference will be Chinese,
English and French. For information on submitting proposals or attending
the event, contact one of the committees below. Chinese committee: contact
Guo Chengwei, email: zfkyc@263.net; fax: 86-010-89718283; Canadian
Committee: academy.all@attglobal.net; fax: 1+ (514) 345-0860

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Journal Special Issues and Symposia

A recent special issue of the journal Ethnicities is devoted to the topic
"Identity, Difference and Recognition: Recent Developments in
Multicultural Political Theory" (Vol. 3, No. 3., 2003). With a guest
editorial written by Monica Mookherjee, this issue includes articles on
nation-building and neutrality, Aboriginal Rights, internationalization
and other central topics in recent debate about multicultural justice.

A special issue of the journal Social Research is dedicated to the subject
"Pariah Minorities" (Vol. 70, No. 1, Spring 2003). In this issue, nine
authors canvass the troubles of groups such as the Roma, Kurds, Jews,
Blacks, Dalit, lepers and Burakumin from both contemporary and historical

A special issue of the electronic newsletter Migration Information Source
(Oct. 2003) focuses on "immigrant integration". Authors include Rinus
Penninx, Demetrios G. Papademetriou, Sarah Spencer, Brian Ray, Karen
Jacobsen, as well as news on recent policy developments in Switzerland,
France, and Australia. The Source is a project of the Migration Policy
Institute (MPI). For more information about MPI, visit:
www.migrationpolicy.org. To subscribe to the Source, go to:

A recent issue of Citizenship Studies contains a series of articles about
challenges to citizenship associated with recent trends in world politics
(Vol. 7, Issue 2, July 2003). In this issue, articles by Rainer Baubock,
Michael Murphy, Siobahn Harty and Monique Deveaux take up issues such as
urban citizenship, post-sovereign citizenship and citizenship and
traditional cultures, respectively.


The Indigenous Law Journal, a new student-run periodical published out of
the University of Toronto, recently published its first issue. The ILJ
will provide an important avenue for those working on legal issues related
to Indigenous peoples in Canada and around the world. The ILJ publishes
articles, notes, case comments, and reviews covering a wide range of legal
perspectives. Potential contributors should consult the ILJ website at
this URL: http://www.indigenouslawjournal.org/


The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire, a comprehensive
information source on the peoples ruled by the Russian Empire, is now
posted online. Each entry comprises complex data on the respective nation,
usually its self-designation, habitat, population, anthropological
characteristic, language, origin and history, sometimes the religion and
culture. http://www.eki.ee/books/redbook/

The NODE Projects (New Orientations for Democracy in Europe) are now
posted online at the website below. The NODE research projects concentrate
on how democracy will continue to evolve in Europe, how democratic means
can be found to deal with Europe's ethnic, cultural and religious
diversity, and how Europe's working society will change in light of
political change. Now available online are several projects and reports
related to these general themes. http://www.node-research.at

The Annual Report of the European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) is now
available online in .pdf format. The report details the research projects,
publications, documentation and other information, along with numerous
conferences, seminars and events, related to ECMI, and describes the
changes that have taken place in the last year in the general approach to
minority issues in Europe. You can access the report at the following URL:

There are over 150 ethnic conflicts in the world today. All of them create
instability, and some of them pose a global threat. The most intractable
ethnic conflicts are the ones that lead to territorial partition. Whether
they are historical, de facto or unfinished, ethnic partitions create
recurrent cycles of conflict, as the ongoing conflicts in the Balkans,
South Asia, and the Middle East show. Can ethnic partitions be
stabilized, or is conflict inherent in their structure? This web site
explores the answers to this question, from lessons learned to the options
ahead. http://www.partitionconflicts.org

The Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy (PCMLP), Oxford
University and the Institute for Information Law (IViR) of the University
of Amsterdam, have just released a new study on the regulation of minority
languages in broadcasting in Europe. Entitled "Minority-Language Related
Broadcasting and Legislation in the OSCE", edited by T. McGonagle, B.
Davis Noll & M. Price, the study was commissioned by the OSCE High
Commissioner on National Minorities. It is based on a comprehensive survey
of the regulation of minority language use in the broadcasting sectors of
each of the 55 Participating States of the Organization for Security and
Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). A detailed comparative overview presents
the trends identified in States throughout the OSCE region against the
background of existing international legal norms. Individual country
reports document and contextualise formal prescriptions and proscriptions
of language and other measures affecting the use of minority languages.
The study is now available online at


The Institute for Human Rights at Abo Akademi University in Turku/Abo
Finland is offering a one-week intensive course from November 10-14, 2003,
on linguistic and minority rights. The course is meant to provide
participants with a systematic picture of norms on non-discrimination,
linguistic and minority rights within the United Nations, Council of
Europe, OSCE and European Union contexts. For further information, contact
Ms. Johanna Bondas at the Institute for Human Rights, Abo Akademi
University, Gezeliusgatan 2, FIN-20500 Turku/Abo, Finland; phone:
+358-2-215 4713; fax: +358-2-215 4699; email: Johanna.bondas@abo.fi or
view the entry posted on the Institute website:

Minority Rights Group International is inviting suitable candidates to
apply for the "2004 Neelan Tiruchelvam Training Seminar" on International
Minority Rights. The provisional dates for this training seminar are
February 23-March 5, 2004. Applications should be received by MRG before
October 10, 2003. For more information, contact: Kathryn Ramsay, Minority
Rights Group International, 379 Brixton Road, London, SW9 7DE, UK; phone:
00 44 (0)20 7978 9498; fax: 00 44 (0)20 7738 6265; email:

The University of Minnesota is now inviting applications for its 2004-05
Humphrey Law and Human Rights fellowships. The fellowships are open to
mid-career human rights advocates and lawyers from designated developing
nations and emerging democracies who want to study human rights law, other
relevant law courses, public policy, and administration. The five or six
Humphrey Law and Human Rights Fellows selected to participate will spend
their year in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For more information, check out the
Human Rights Center's website:
http://www1.umn.edu/humanrts/hrcenter.htm. Applicants need to apply at the
U.S. Embassy in their home country. For more information, check out this
Web site:

The Centre for International Studies (CIS) in the Munk Centre at the
University of Toronto is offering a one or two-year post-doctoral
fellowship beginning in September, 2004. The fellowship is part of a Major
Collaborative Research Initiative on the "Globalization and Autonomy"
theme funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of
Canada, which brings together under an interdisciplinary umbrella a wide
range of scholars from around the world. CIS provides one of the
institutional bases for the program, which is headquartered at the
Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition at McMaster University.
The fellowship is available to Canadian citizens or citizens of another
country willing to relocate to Toronto for its duration. It will be
awarded to an outstanding researcher working on a significant and feasible
project related to the overall program themes and research questions. To
apply, a package containing a two-page proposal, curriculum vitae, and two
confidential academic reference letters should be sent by December 15,
2003, to: Louis W. Pauly, Centre for International Studies, University of
Toronto, 1 Devonshire Place, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S 3K7; phone: 416
946-8929; fax: 416 946-8930. Other conditions are explained in detail at
the following websites: http://www.utoronto.ca/cis and


ANNOUNCEMENTS: If you would like to announce a new research project,
publication, call for papers, or upcoming conference in a future issue of
this newsletter, please contact us at cded@post.queensu.ca . Special
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