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Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity
Newsletter of the Canadian Centre for Philosophy and Public Policy
No. 1, Summer 1995



1. Introduction
2. Related Research Programs
3. Upcoming Conferences
4. Recent Publications
5. Internet Resources

1. Introduction

The Canadian Centre for Philosophy and Public Policy (CCPPP) at the University of Ottawa has begun a multi-year, inter-disciplinary research project on "Citizenship, Identity and Democracy in the Multiethnic State", under the direction of Prof. Will Kymlicka. As part of this project, the CCPPP will distribute a quarterly newsletter updating recent developments in the field, of which this is the inaugural issue. We hope that it will be of interest to anyone working in the field, whether in academia, public service, or various non-governmental organizations. There is a great deal of work being done, inside and outside academia, on issues of democracy and ethnocultural diversity. Some of the other research groups currently working in this field are listed in section 2, along with their primary areas of research. The distinctive focus of our project is on normative and theoretical questions, rather than empirical or explanatory issues. Our focus is on identifying the challenges which ethnocultural diversity raises for the underlying norms of a liberal democratic society like Canada, including principles of democracy, justice, equality, freedom, rights and citizenship. To what extent can or should these principles be reinterpreted so as to accommodate an increasingly multiethnic citizenry? Can greater recognition and protection be afforded to group differences without sacrificing traditional concerns with equality, non-discrimination, individual rights, and social unity? We will be pursuing these questions primarily in the Canadian context, focusing in particular on Canada's immigration and naturalization policy, Aboriginal rights, official bilingualism, Quebecois nationalism, multicultural educational reform, affirmative action, and other related topics. While our focus is on the Canadian context, comparisons with other countries will be a vital component of our research.
In future newsletters, we will discuss some of the findings of our research. In this inaugural issue, however, our focus is on listing information about other related programs, upcoming conferences, and recent publications which may be of interest to people working in the field.
If you know anyone who would like to be added to the mailing list for this newsletter, please contact us at cded@post.queensu.ca .

For further information about the research project, or the CCPPP more generally, you can also reach us by phone (613 545-2182) and fax (613 545-6545).


The Centre for Ethnic Studies at the Universite de Montreal is conducting a research project on the role of the school system in a multiethnic society, under the direction of Prof. Marie McAndrew. A position paper entitled "Taking Into Account Cultural and Religious Diversity" has been written, and a major conference is planned for December 1995. For information, please contact:
Centre for Ethnic Studies
Universite de Montreal
CP 6128, succursale A
Montreal H3C 3J7
phone: 514-343-7244
fax: 514-343-5722
e-mail: cee@ere.umontreal.ca

The Canadian Centre for Linguistic Rights at the University of Ottawa is conducting a research project on issues of language rights in both the Canadian and international context. For more information, or to receive the Centre's newsletter, please contact:
Helene Laporte
Canadian Centre for Linguistic Rights
Faculty of Law (Common Law)
University of Ottawa
Box 450, Station A
K1N 6N5
phone: 613-562-5800, ext. 3325
fax: 613-562-5124
e-mail: HLaporte@admin.comlaw.uottawa.ca

The Research Group on Cultural Citizenship (GRECC) at Concordia University is studying the social construction of civic and cultural identities in the context of contemporary Quebec. The group has already published two monographs on the politics of culture, and on gay politics. For more information, please contact:
Martin Allor
Department of Communication Studies
BR-111 Pavillion Bryan
Universite Concordia
7141 rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Montreal H4B 1R6
phone: 514-848-2548
fax: 514-848-4512

The Centre for Constitutional Studies at the University of Alberta is engaged in a research project on the relationship between local religious, cultural or linguistic practices and international human rights standards. For information, contact:
David Schneiderman,
Executive Director
Centre for Constitutional
Studies, Faculty of Law
456 Law Centre
University of Alberta
T6G 2H5
phone: 403-492-8281
fax: 403-492-4924
e-mail: dschneid@law.ualberta.ca


The Centre for Ethnic Studies at the Universite de Montreal is convening a bilingual conference on "Pluralism in Public Institutions and the Role of Schooling in Pluriethnic Societies", in Montreal, from November 30 to December 2, 1995. The International Council for Canadian Studies in Ottawa, and the Centre for Refugee Studies at York University, in conjunction with the European Task Force on Canadian Studies, are convening a conference on "Organizing Diversity: Migration and Refugees in Canada and Europe", to be held in the Netherlands in November 8-12 1995. It will include speakers from both Canada and Europe, and will address both the empirical and normative issues in a comparative perspective. For information, contact the Centre for Refugee Studies, York University, 4700 Keele Street, North York, Ontario M3J 1P3; tel: 416-736-5663; fax: 416-736- 5827; e-mail: refuge@vm1.yorku.ca


- Rainer Baubock, (ed). *From Aliens to Citizens: Redefining the Legal Status of Immigrants* (Avebury, 1994)

- Joseph Carens (ed) *Is Quebec Nationalism Just? Perspectives from Anglophone Canada* (McGill-Queen's University Press, 1995).

- Robert Howse, "Post-Charlottetown Constitutionalism: A Review Article", *Ottawa Law Review*, Vol 26/2 (1994), pp. 487-510. A review of 10 recent books on Canada's constitutional debate.

- Evelyn Kallen, *Ethnicity and Human Rights in Canada*, Revised Edition (Oxford University Press, 1995)

- Karen Knop et al (eds) *Rethinking Federalism* (UBC Press, 1995).

- Will Kymlicka, *Multicultural Citizenship: A Liberal Theory of Minority Rights* (Oxford University Press, 1995).

- Anne Phillips, *The Politics of Presence: Democracy and Group Representation* (Oxford University Press, 1995)

- Jeff Spinner, The Boundaries of Citizenship: Race, Ethnicity and Nationality in the Liberal State (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1994).

- James Tully (ed) *Philosophy in an Age of Pluralism: Essays in Honour of Charles Taylor* (Cambridge University Press, 1994);

- James Tully, *Strange Multiplicity: Constitutionalism in an Age of Diversity* (Cambridge University Press, 1995)

- Melissa Williams, "Justice Towards Groups: Political not Juridical", *Political Theory* 23/1 (1995), pp. 75-83.


The amount of information available on the internet is constantly increasing, and issues of ethnocultural diversity are no exception. The following is a very selective list of some sites on the internet which researchers might find interesting and helpful.

This is the "home page" of Canada's Department of Citizenship and Immigration. It includes information about recent Department policy documents (some of which can be downloaded), as well as an overview of the "Metropolis" research project - a very ambitious research program studying the impact of immigration on large cities, which links academic researchers and government officials in several countries, including Canada, Australia, United States and Italy.

This is the home page of the European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations (ERCOMER), based at the University of Utrecht, which is the largest research centre of its kind in Europe. The home page provides information on the various research projects being undertaken at ERCOMER, including studies of ethnic conflict, refugee movements, immigrant labourers, and multicultural education. It also includes information on the Centre's publications, including how to get on the mailing list for their newsletter, and on the Centre's staff, seminar series, and upcoming conferences.

This is the home page of the "Fourth World Documentation Project", run by the Centre for World Indigenous Studies in Olympia, Washington. It includes information pertaining to indigenous peoples around the world, and to recent developments at the international level in the protection of the rights of indigenous peoples.

This is the home page for the Centre for Immigration and Multicultural Studies (CIMS) at the Australian National University in Canberra. The Australian experience is very relevant to Canada, given the great similarities in our colonial heritage, federal institutions, Aboriginal populations, and current immigration and multiculturalism policies. The CIMS is the leading Australian research centre on these issues. This home page provides information on its publications, including how to subscribe to its newsletter, and on its staff, research projects, and visiting scholars program.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: If you would like to announce a new research project, publication, call for papers, or upcoming conference in a future issue of this newsletter, please contact us at cded@post.queensu.ca or you can write to the:
Canadian Centre for Philosophy and Public Policy
Department of Philosophy
Watson Hall
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
Canada K7L 3N6

Telephone 613 545-2182

Fax 613 545-6545

The CCPPP gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada in funding this newsletter.

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