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Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity
Newsletter of the Canadian Centre for Philosophy and Public Policy
No. 5, Fall 1996



1. Introduction
2. Recent and Upcoming Conferences
3. Recent Publications
4. Internet Resources
5. Related Research Programs


The Canadian Centre for Philosophy and Public Policy (CCPPP) at the University of Ottawa is coordinating a multi-year, inter- disciplinary research project on "Citizenship, Identity and Democracy in the Multiethnic State", under the direction of Prof. Will Kymlicka. As part of this project, the CCPPP is distributing a quarterly newletter updating recent developments in the field, of which this is the fifth issue. We hope that it will be of interest to anyone working in the field, whether in academia, public service, or various non-governmental organizations. If you know anyone who would like to be added to the mailing list for this newsletter, or if you would like copies of the back- issues, please contact us at cded@post.queensu.ca . For further information about the research project, or the CCPPP more generally, you can also reach us by phone (613 545-2182) and fax (613 545-6545).


The long-awaited final report of the Canadian Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples will be released on November 21st, 1996. The Report is the culmination of a five-year, $58 million research and consultation process, and may reflect a historic moment in the evolution of Aboriginal-Canada relations. Two conferences have been organized to discuss its recommendations:
a) The first is a one-day conference on "Aboriginal Peoples in the Canadian Union: A Conference on the Recommendations of the Final Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples", to be held at Carleton University, December 5th, 1996. It is organized by the School of Public Administration, in cooperation with the Centre for Aboriginal Education, Culture and Learning. For information contact Iris Taylor at itaylor@ccs.carleton.ca
b) The second conference is "Forging a New Relationship: Conference on the Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples", to be held at the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, Montreal, Quebec, January 31-February 2, 1997. The conference will include several keynote speakers and panel discussions on the Commission's recommendations on governance, justice, and Aboriginal land rights. For more information, contact Jose Cadorette, Conference Coordinator, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, 3463 Peel Street, Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1W7. Fax: 514-398-7336; Phone: 514- 398-2658; E-mail: jcadoret@heps.lan.mcgill.ca
Three upcoming conferences will address the relationship between culture and violence. The first is a conference on "Cultural Violence: An International, Interdisciplinary Conference", to be held on 7-8 March 1997 at George Washington University in Washington DC. It is being organized by a consortium of various Washington area universities. It will "assemble members from many different academic disciplines to explore the ways in which `culture' can act as a violent force both to construct and to marginalize difference and to constrain individual expression". Selected papers will be published in COLLEGE LITERATURE. Proposals for papers, or for more information, contact Jeffrey Weinstock, Program in the Human Sciences, George Washington University, Washington DC 20052. E-mail: jaw@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu; WWW Site: http://www.gwu.ed/~violence.
Second, there will be an international conference on "Ethics, Law and Communication in an Era of Political Violence and Extremism: An Examination of the Boundaries of Liberty and Tolerance in Liberal Democracies", will be held on 28-31 January 1997, at the University of Haifa, Israel. The conference is dedicated to the memory of Yitzhak Rabin, and will include historians, legal scholars, philosophers and media specialists from North America, Britain, and Israel. The conference organizer is Prof. Raphael Cohen-Almagor, Department of Communication and Faculty of Law, Haifa University, fax: 972-4-8249-120; e-mail: ralmagor@soc.haifa.ac.il. For registration information, contact Ms. Nili Zonshine, ISSTA Lines, Tel Aviv, Israel, fax: 972-3-5271041.
Finally, the 1997 World Congress on Violence and Human Coexistence will be held at University College, Dublin on 17-21 August 1997. The World Congress seeks to provide "an interdisciplinary multicultural forum for expression, research and exchange on the conditions required for the fullness of human coexistence, with a view to achieving a more global and deep understanding of the many eruptions of violence in human life and history". The conference proceedings will be published (non-exclusively). For more information, or to submit an abstract of a proposed paper, contact Dr. Fernand de Varennes, Programme Co-Chair of the World Congress, at: Dr. Fernand de Varennes, Asia-Pacific Centre for Human Rights and the Prevention of Ethnic Conflict, School of Law, Murdoch University, Murdoch, Western Australia, 6150, Australia. Fax: 61-9- 3106671; e-mail: devarenn@murdoch.edu.au
"The 50th Anniversary of Canadian Citizenship Conference", sponsored by the Organization for the Study of National History of Canada, will be held at Carleton University in Ottawa on February 14-16, 1997. Panellists will include politicians, journalists and academics reflecting on the history and future of Canadian citizenship. For more information, contact Prof. Norman Hillmer, phone: 613-730-1619; fax: 613-730-2341; e-mail: nhillmer@ccs.carleton.ca.
The 1997 annual meeeting of the Canadian Law and Society Association, devoted to the topic of "Borders and Boundaries", will be held at Memorial University in St. John's Newfoundland. The panels will address "the theme of the destruction and reconstruction of borders and boundaries; legal, political, social, cultural, economic or disciplinary". Proposals for papers or panels should be sent by January 15th to either Ruth Buchanan, Faculty of Law, University of New Brunswich, Fredericton NB, E3B 5A3. Phone: 506-453-4724; e-mail: buchanan@unb.ca; or to Pierre Coulombe, Dept. of Political Science, McGill University, 855 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2T7. Phone: 514-398-4800; e-mail: CoulombeRoussel@msn.com

An interdisciplinary conference on "Women and Citizenship in the Twenty-first Century" will be held on March 13-15 1997, organized by the Marquette University Women's Studies Program. For information, or to submit proposals, contact Diane Long Hoeveler, Women's Studies Coordinator, Marquette University, Department of English, PO Box 1881, Milwaukee WI 53201-1881. Phone: 418-288-3466; e-mail: 6685hoeveler@cms.csd.mu.edu
Yale University is organizing a conference on "Rethinking Democracy for a New Century", to be held on February 28-March 2, 1997. The aim of the conference is "to explore tensions between democracy and other values in an era of growing inequality between nations, increasing complexity of knowledge and organization, and resurgent ethnic and regional nationalism". For information contact Casiano Hacker-Cordon, Department of Political Science, Yale University; tel: 203-432-5243; e-mail: chano68@minerva.yale.edu
The Minda da Gunzberg Center for European Studies at Harvard University is hosting a 3-day graduate student conference on "Politics and Identity Formation in Contemporary Europe" on April 11-13 1997. Doctoral students in North American and European universities whose dissertation research focuses on the politics of identity formation in contemporary Europe are eligible to apply to present a paper. Travel and accomodation expenses will be paid for for all participants. Interested graduate students should send a c.v., a 1000-word summary of their dissertation, and a 300-word abstract of their workshop paper to: Lisa Eschenbach, Center for European Studies, 27 Kirkland Street, Cambridge MA 20138. Phone: 617-495-4303, ext. 231; fax: 617-495-8509; e-mail: lmeschen@fas.harvard.edu
The European Sociological Association is holding its 3rd European conference on "20th Century Europe: Inclusions/Exclusions", at the University of Essex, Colchester, England on August 27-20, 1997. The theme of inclusions and exclusions will be explored "focusing particularly on the issues of gender, ethnicity, class and age in the restructuring of European societies throughout this century". For information, contact the Conference Organizer - ESA Conference, Dept. of Sociology, University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, Essex C04 3SQ, U.K.; fax: 44-1206-873410; e-mail: ESA97@essex.ac.uk
A one-day conference on "Communitarianism and Civil Society" was held on October 17, 1996, at Berry College, Mount Berry Georgia, co-sponsored by political scientists and sociologists at Berry College and Oglethorpe University. For information, contact Peter Lawler, Political Science, Berry College, Mount Berry, Georgia 30149-0118. Phone: 706-233-4085; e-mail: plawler@berry.edu
A conference on the "Legal and Philosophical Aspects of Cultural Heritage" was held at Flinders University of South Australia, North Adelaide, Australia on October 3-4 1996. For information, contact Helen MacDonald, Philosophy Department, Flinders University at Helen.MacDonald@flinders.edu.au
An international conference on "Living Together in Federal States: International Aspects of Federalism" was held September 30-October 3, 1996. The conference brought together European and Canadian specialists on federalism to debate the lessons that federalism in Europe might have for Canada. The conference was jointly organized by the Institut quebecois des hautes etudes internationales at Laval University, and the Department of Political Science at the University of British Columbia. For information about the conference, contact either Prof. Alain Prujiner, Directeur, Institut quebecois des hautes etudes internationales, Universite Laval, Cite Universitaire, Quebec, G1K 7P4; tel: 418-656-7771; e- mail: alain.prujiner@hei.ulaval.ca; or Prof. David Elkins, Department of Political Science, University of British Columbia, C472-1866 Main Mall, Vancouver, B.C., V6T 1Z1; tel: 604-822-2717; e-mail: politics@unixg.ubc.ca


J. Hart and R. Bauman (eds) *Explorations in Difference: Law, Culture and Politics* (University of Toronto Press, 1996). France Gagnon, Marie McAndrew and Michel Page (eds) *Pluralisme, citoyennete et Education* (L'Harmattan, Montreal, 1996), with articles by Bhikhu Parekh, Benjamin Barber, Chantal Mouffe, Joseph Carens, Daniel Weinstock, and others.

*The Good Society*, Vol. 6, #2, Spring 1996 - special issue on "Group Rights".

Samuel LaSelva, *The Moral Foundations of Canadian Federalism* (McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal, 1996).

David Jacobson, *Rights Across Borders: Immigration and the Decline of Citizenship* (Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 1996).

Anthony Appiah and Amy Gutmann, *Color Conscious: The Political Morality of Race* (Princeton University Press, 1996).

Gerald Neuman, *Strangers to the Constitution: Immigrants, Borders and Fundamental Law* (Princeton University Press, 1996).

Graham Smith (ed) *Federalism: The Multiethnic Challenge* (Longman, London, 1995).

David Held, *Democracy and the Global Order: From the Modern State to Cosmopolitan Governance* (Polity Press, 1995).

David Held and Daniele Archibugi (eds) *Cosmopolitan Democracy: An Agenda for a New World Order* (Polity Press, 1995).

Albert Menendez, *Church and State in Canada* (Prometheus Books, 1996).
Michael Dunne and Tiziano Bonazzi (eds) *Citizenship and Rights in Multicultural Societies* (Keele University Press, 1995)


RACE-POL is an internet discussion list sponsored by the American Political Science Association's Organized Section on Race, Ethnicity and Politics. The list exists to facilitate communication among political scientists and other scholars who share an interest in race, ethnicity, and political power. Messages to the list include, among other topics, discussions of issues in racial and ethnic politics, requests for citations and sources, book reviews, and new book announcements, information about graduate programs, notices of upcoming conferences and meetings, and reports from the Section on Race, Ethnicity and Politics. To subscribe, send email to: LISTSERV@ACADCOMP.CMP.ILSTU.EDU leave the subject line blank, and in the message type: subscribe RACE-POL firstname lastname

2) Lawrence Hinman's Ethics Homepage
Have you ever wanted suggestions or advice on teaching the ethical issues relating to ethnocultural diversity? If so, you might be interested in this homepage, which is specifically designed for ethics instructors and their students. It is subdivided into sections which include: Race and Ethnicity; Rights Theories; and Diveristy and Moral Theory. Each section includes links to related internet resources, summaries of recent articles, and a short survey of philosophical works on the topic. Hinman's page also has a section called "The Periodicals Room", which provides tables of contents to recent journal issues in ethics.

3) The World's Constitutions, Legal Information Institute, Cornell Law School
This page gives you links to the full text of the constitutions of 58 countries. Once a link is chosen, additional information about the country is also provided, including the nature of the court system, important court decisions, as well as the map and flag of the country. The page also provides links to (a) the Constitutional Courts in Eastern Europe, which are united in a network called "CoCoNet" (Constitutional Court Network); and (b) "CourtNet" (International Court Network), which is a broader attempt to connect all courts.

4) Law and Politics Book Review List
The Law and Politics Book Review list is a free publication of the Law and Courts Section of the American Political Science Association. This is a moderated listserv. All reviews are solicited, and edited by the editor. The reviews are directed toward political scientists, with a focus on law and the judicial process. Length of reviews ranges from 750 to 2500 words. This is a low volume list, with approximately one review being sent out per week. The most recent book reviewed was David Jacobson's book on the rights of immigrants (see section #3 above). To subscribe, send email to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.ACNS.NWU.EDU leave the subject line blank, and in the message type: subscribe lpbr-l Past reviews may be obtained by using gopher at: nuinfo.nwu.edu 70. Select "Library Services" on the first menu. The Law and Politics Book Review is on the second menu. Or you can access back issues from their homepage at: http://www.polisci.nwu.edu:8001

5) Canadian Legal Resources
There are now several websites which provide extensive information about Canadian law and jurisprudence. We have chosen three that might be particularly useful.

(a) Equality Rights Under the Canadian Charter:
This page provides links to Supreme Court rulings and scholarly articles on equality issues, as well as notification of upcoming conferences. The page is maintained by Deborah McIntosh, who is a legal analyst with the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development.

(b) Canadian Law - part of Alan Gahtan's Canadian Legal Resource Page:
This page provides links to the Virtual Canadian Law Library, which gives access to law journals and reviews, and to various constitutional law homepages, and to the Osgoode Hall Law School.

(c) Smith Lyons' Canadian Legal Resources
This page includes links to the following: Hansard, House Committees, Senate and Parliamentary Associations, federal laws, bills and new statutes, and various legal documents, such as the Criminal Code and the Canadian Human Rights Act.

6) The Canadian Law and Society List (Lawsoc-l)
Lawsoc-l has been set up as a forum for sharing information relevant to the study of law and society in the Canadian context. It is meant to serve primarily as an interdisciplinary academic list of interest to "law and society" researchers representing a wide spectrum of social science disciplines and specialized research fields including law, economics, history, sociology, psychology, political science, criminology, feminist studies, native studies, geography, education and social work. However, the list may also be of interest to practitioners in government policy- making, law reform, and the provision of legal services. The list posts messages about conferences, publications, research projects, requests for citations and sources, government commissions, and so on. To subscribe, send email to: listproc@cc.umanitoba.ca Leave the subject line blank, and in the message type: subscribe lawsoc-l firstname lastname

7) Publishers' Homepages
Do you want to know about the new and forthcoming books from the major university presses? Virtually all of the major university presses now have their own homepage which include their recent catalogues, by discipline, as well as a comprehensive backlist. In some cases, you can also order books by internet. You can get a comprehensive list of these homepages at: http://www.cup.org/Connections/External.html

Here are a few examples:
Oxford Univ. Press: http://www.oup-usa.org
Harvard Univ Press: http://www.hup.harvard.edu/
Cambridge Univ. Press: http://www.cup.org


- The Advanced Study Center (ASC) of the International Institute at the University of Michigan invites applications and nominations to its 1997-98 seminar on "Theories and Practices of Religious Tolerance/Intolerance". The seminar will be directed by Edwin Curley and Stephen Darwall of the Philosophy Department, and will be broadly interdisciplinary while including issues of special interest to philosophers. Residency fellowships are available to students, faculty, community organizers, medial professionals and cultural practitioners. The ASC will offer a small number of longer-term fellowships and a larger number of short-term fellowships (one week to one month). For information and application forms, contact Rebecca Armstrong, Program Coordinator, ASC of the International Institute, University of Michigan, 340 Lorch Hall, 611 Tappan Street, Ann Arbor MI, 49109-1220. Phone: 313-764-2268; fax: 313-763-9154; e-mail: rebecca@umich.edu. The information is also available on the World Wide Web at http://www.umich.edu/~iinet./asc/index.html
- There are two important changes at the Centre for Ethnic Studies at the Universite de Montreal, which we mentioned in the first issue of our newsletter. First, it recently established the new "Centre d'excellence sur l'immigration, i'integration et la dynamique urbaine", under the direction of Marie McAndrew. This is one of four "Centres of Excellence on Immigration and Integration" across Canada which are being funded by the federal government as part of the "Metropolis Project" - an enormous international research project which will analyze the impact of immigration on the largest cities around the world. Second, the Centre has just published the first issue of its own (French-language) newsletter, entitled "Convergences". The newsletter discusses the various research projects of the Centre, including its work on immigrant languages, pluralism in education, and ethnic relations, as well as listing recent publications in the field. To receive a hard copy of "Convergences" in the mail, contact the Centre d'etudes ethniques, Universite de Montreal, CP 6128, succursale A, Montreal H3C 3J7 Canada. Phone: 514-343-7244; fax: 514-343-7078; e-mail: cee@ere.umontreal.ca. You may also access the newsletter on the Centre's website: http://www.ceetum.umontreal.ca
- Another of the new Centres funded under the Metropolis project is the "Prairie Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Integration" at the University of Alberta, under the direction of Baha Abu-Laban. This Centre is in fact a consortium of five prairie universities - Alberta, Calgary, Manitoba, Regina and Saskatchewan. They too will soon be producing a newsletter discussing their research activities. For information, contact the Administrative Coordinator, Ms. Kelly McKean, 1-17 Humanities Centre, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2E5. Phone: 403-492-6600; fax: 403-492-2594; e-mail: kmckean@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca


If you would like to announce a new research project, publication, call for papers, or upcoming conference in a future issue of this newsletter, please contact us at cded@post.queensu.ca , or you can write to the:

Canadian Centre for Philosophy and Public Policy
Department of Philosophy
Watson Hall
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
Canada K7L 3N6

Telephone 613 545-2182

Fax 613 545-6545

The CCPPP gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada in funding this newsletter. Special thanks to Lise Charlebois for help with the Internet Resources section, and with the distribution of the newsletter.

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