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Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity
Newsletter of the Canadian Centre for Philosophy and Public Policy
No. 7, Spring 1997


1. Introduction
2. Update on CCPPP Conference
3. Recent and Upcoming Conferences
4. Recent Publications
5. New Journal
6. Internet Resources
7. Related Research Programs


The Canadian Centre for Philosophy and Public Policy (CCPPP) at the University of Ottawa is organizing a multi-year, inter-disciplinary research project on "Citizenship, Identity and Democracy in the Multiethnic State", under the direction of Prof. Will Kymlicka. As part of this project, the CCPPP will distribute a quarterly newsletter updating recent developments in the field, of which this is the seventh issue. We hope that it will be of interest to anyone working in the field, whether in academia, public service, or various non-governmental organizations.
If you know anyone who would like to be added to the mailing list for this newsletter, or if you would like copies of the back-issues, please contact us at cded@post.queensu.ca . For further information about the research project, or the CCPPP more generally, you can also reach us by phone (613 545-2182) and fax (613 545-6545).


In the last issue of the newsletter, we announced that the Canadian Centre for Philosophy and Public Policy is sponsoring a two-day, international conference to be held in Toronto on October 4-5 1997, on "Citizenship in Diverse Societies: Theory and Practice". The list of confirmed speakers includes Jane Mansbridge and Melissa Williams on political participation and representation; Denise Reaume and Pierre Coulombe on language rights; Jeff Spinner-Halev and Eamonn Callan on citizenship education and religious diversity; Jeremy Waldron and Tariq Modood on immigration and multiculturalism; Jacob Levy and Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond on the rights of indigenous peoples; and Phil Resnick and Graham Smith on federalism and nationalism. In each session, the main papers will be followed by a commentary from a specialist working on policy "in the field" (eg, in government or an NGO). The conference will be held at: Bennett Lecture Hall, Flavelle House, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, 78 Queen's Park, Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C5.

The registration fee is $30 (which includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday), or $10 (without lunch). Since the lunch break will be relatively brief, we encourage people to register for the catered lunch. To register, or for more information, contact Will Kymlicka, Canadian Centre for Philosophy and Public Policy, Department of Philosophy, University of Ottawa, Box 450, Station A, Ottawa K1N 6N5 Canada. Telephone: 613-562-5800 (ext. 3690); Fax: 613-562-5135; e-mail: cded@post.queensu.ca .

A preliminary program for the conference is now available by clicking here.


The departments of Law and Political Science at the University of Saskatchewan are organizing a conference on "Citizenship, Diversity and Pluralism: Comparative Perspectives", to be held at the University of Saskatchewan from 30 October - 1 November, 1997. Topics will include Conceptual Approaches to Citizenship; Subnationalisms; Social Citizenship; and Multinationalism; other panels will focus on particular countries/regions, including Canada, Russia, South Africa and Europe. More information will be available *after June 15* through the Department of Political Science, University of Saskatchewan, Arts Building 919, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 0W0; fax: 306-966- 5250; e-mail: hnatiukl@admin.usask.ca.

The Critical Legal Conference 1997 will be held at University College, Dublin, September 4-7 1997. The general title of the conference is "In the Wake of the Law", but of particular interest is the section on "Drowning in the Turbulence: Minority Rights, Nationalism and Law in the New World Order", focusing on domestic or international issues of citizenship, minority rights, rights of indigenous peoples, and self-determination. For more information, or to submit an abstract (by July 15), contact Bill Bowring, Section Organizer, Lecturer in Human Rights in Russia and East Europe, Department of Law, University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester Park, Colchester Essex C04 3SQ U.K. Fax: 44-1206-873428; E-mail: bowring@essex.ac.uk. For general information about the CLC conference, contact Jim Bergeron, Conference Organizer CLC97, Faculty of Law, University College, Dublin Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland. Fax: 353-1-2692655; e- mail: bergeron@acadamh.ucd.ie.

- The Council of Europe is organizing a conference on "Democracy, Human Rights, Minorities: Educational and Cultural Aspects", in Strasbourg France on May 21-23, 1997. This is the concluding conference of a multidisciplinary project analyzing the educational and cultural aspects of the management of diversity, with special reference to minorities in Europe. The objectives of the Conference include the adoption of a draft Declaration concerning "intercultural democracy". For information, and requests to attend, contact Ms. Rosemary Stauch, School and Out-of-School Education, Council of Europe, F-67075 Strasbourg Cedex, France. Fax: 33-3-88412788; E-mail: rosemary.stauch@decs.coe.fr.

- The International Sociological Association's Research Committee on Ethnic, Race, and Minority Relations is organizing a conference on "Multicultural citizenship in the new South Africa" in Cape Town on December 15-17 1997. The concept of multicultural citizenship is being proposed as a rubric under which to discuss the complexities, challenges, and prospects facing a multi-ethnic, democratic South Africa. As part of its effort to consolidate the new nation, the South African state must act simultaneously as manager and arbiter of difference, but is this a role that can be sustained indefinitely? This conference is an attempt to address the myriad questions which have arisen around the relationship between the individual and the state and collectivities and the state in the new South Africa. Issues of interest include, but are not limited to language policy; education; affirmative action; migrants, refugees, and rights; the arts and state funding; secessionist movements and diversity; national cultural councils; curriculum development; multiculturalism and nationalism. Papers that address these questions in an international and comparative context are especially encouraged. One page (200-300 words) abstracts should be submitted by June 30, 1997 for consideration by the programme committee. Abstracts can be sent to the attention of Ms. Gitanjali Maharaj, PO Box 1739 Cape Town 8000 SOUTH AFRICA; fax: 27-21-461-2589; e-mail: maharaj@iafrica.com. For further information, call the IDASA Southern Democracy Centre, Cape Town: 27-21-461-2559, ext 222.

- The University of Pittsburgh and the Universite Paris 7-Denis Diderot are organizing an international symposium on "Forms and Dynamics of Exclusion: Injustice, Discrimination and Assimilation", held in the Palais de l'UNESCO in Paris 23-26 June 1997. It will focus on the exclusion of ethnocultural groups, as well as of women, the poor, and others. Among the panellists are Henry Gates, Stephen Castles, Stephane Hessel, Stanley Hoffman, and Charles Taylor. For more information, contact Prof. Amy Colin, Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, 16-18 rue Suger, 75006 Paris France. Fax: 33-1-44413202; E-mail: colin@msh-paris.fr.

- The philosophy department of Erasmus University hosted an international conference on "Identity politics, national culture and moral resurgence" in Rotterdam (Netherlands), May 6-7 1997. The aim of the conference was to examine in what ways identity politics can contribute to the "moral revitalization" of national political cultures, and conversely how various national political cultures have shaped identity politics. Speakers included Steven Seidman, Jodi Dean, Jose Portillo, Martin Thom, Gijs van Oenen, and Hans Blom. For more information, contact Hans Blom, Philosophy Department, Erasmus University, Oostmaaslaan 950, 3063 DM Rotterdam; fax: 31-10-2120448; E- mail: H.W.Blom@fwb.eur.nl.
Or check out the conference website at: http://www.eur.nl/fw/law/conf/.

- The Centre for Philosophy and Public Affairs at the University of St. Andrews, and the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain, are organizing a conference on "Philosophy, Education, and Culture" at the University of Edinburgh, September 11-14th, 1997. Speakers will include David Carr, Gordon Graham, Hilary Putnam, Ruth Anna Putnam. For more information, contact David Carr, Moray House Institute, Heriot-Watt University, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8 8AQ Scotland. E-mail: D.T.Carr@hw.ac.uk.

- The Institute of Contemporary British History is organizing a conference on "National Identities: history, geography, image" for Easter 1998. The conference is related to the launching of a new journal (see section 5 below), focusing on historical and geographical research into the origins and development of national identity. Conference sessions may include the rise of nationalism; nation, state, region; culture and national identity; empire, colonialism and nationalism; homelands and territorial integrity; nationalism and supranationalism. For more information, or to submit a 100-word abstract, contact Peter Caterrall, ICBH, Room 357, Senate House, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HU, England. E-mail: P.P.Caterrall@qmw.ac.uk.

- The Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) is holding its annual meetings at Memorial University in St. John's Newfoundland, Canada in mid-June. Of particular interest are two day-long sessions: on June 13, there is day-long series of panels on "The Role of Education in the Integration of Immigrants", which will draw on the most recent research of the Metropolis Project; on June 12, there will be a day-long series of panels on "Citizenship Education". For information, contact Yvonne Hebert, University of Calgary. Fax: 403-282-8479; E-mail: yhebert@acs.ucalgary.ca


It would be impossible to list even a fraction of the publications which are relevant to issues of citizenship, democracy and ethnocultural diversity. To keep our listing manageable, we have decided to limit these listings to books and special issues of journals which have symposia on relevant topics (not individual journal articles). Also, in line with the aims of our overall research project, our focus is on those publications which have a strongly theoretical and normative focus, rather than a purely descriptive or comparative focus. Prices, where listed, are in U.S. dollars. To order any of these publications, or to get more information about them, see "Amazon.com" in the Internet Resources section below.

David Archard (ed), Philosophy and Pluralism (Cambridge University Press, 1996) - includes Bhikhu Parekh, Alan Montefiore, Keith Graham, Attracta Ingram, Catherine Audard, Tariq Modood, Susan Mendus. $22.95

Susan Bickford, The Dissonance of Democracy: Listening, Conflict, and Citizenship (Cornell University Press, 1996). $14.95

Simon Caney, David George and Peter Jones (eds) National Rights, International Obligations(Westview Press, 1996) - includes articles by Peter Jones, Yael Tamir, Chris Brown, Neil McCormick, Margaret Canovan, Hillel Steiner, John Charvet. $22.95

Andrew Cardozo and Louis Musto (eds) The Battle Over Multiculturalism (Pearson-Shoyama Institute, Ottawa, 1997) - includes articles by academics, politicians and activists in Canada.

Paul Barry Clarke, Deep Citizenship (Pluto Press, London, 1996). $15.25

Bernard Dauenhauer, Citizenship in a Fragile World (Rowman and Littlefied, 1996), $23.95

Jack Demaine and Harold Entwhistle (eds) Beyond Communitarianism: Citizenship, Politics and Education (St. Martin's Press, 1996). $59.95

Susan Dunn and Gary Jacobsohn (eds) Diversity and Citizenship: Rediscovering American Nationhood (Rowman and Littlefield, Lanham MD, 1995), includes articles by Robert Dahl, Sanford Levinson, Nathan Glazer, Randall Kennedy, Pauline Maier. $49.50

Stephen Feldman, Please Don't Wish Me a Merry Christmas: A Critical History of the Separation of Church and State (New York University Press, 1997), $29.95

Nathan Glazer, We Are All Multiculturalists Now (Harvard University Press, 1997), $19.95

Derek Benjamin Heater, World Citizenship and Government: Cosmopolitanism Ideas in the History of Western Political Thought (St. Martin's Press, 1996). $65.00

Elizabeth Jellin and Eric Hershberg (eds) Constructing Democracy: Human Rights, Citizenship and Society in Latin America (Westview Press, 1996). $22.50

Ellis Katz and G. Alan Tarr (eds) Federalism and Rights (Rowman and Littlefield, 1996), includes articles by A.E. Dick Howard, Daniel Elazar, Gary Jacobsohn, Koen Lenaerts, Talbot D'Alemberte, Jean Yarborough, Michael Zuckert. $57.50

Douglas Klusmeyer, Between Consent and Descent: Conceptions of Democratic Citizenship(Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1996). $6.95

Marco Martiniello (ed) Migration, Citizenship and Ethno-National Identities in the European Union (Avebury, 1995).

Thomas Musgrave, Self Determination and National Minorities (Oxford Monographs in International Law, Oxford University Press, 1997). $95.00

N. Nie et al, Education and Democratic Citizenship in America (University of Chicago Press, 1996). $16.95

T.K. Oomen, Citizenship, Nationality and Ethnicity: Competing Identities (Blackwells, 1997). $24.95

Denis Szabo and Kalman Kulcsar (eds), Dual Images: Multiculturalism on the Two Sides of the Atlantic (Royal Society of Canada and Institute for Political Science of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, 1996) - includes articles by Jeremy Webber, Jean Laponce, Roderick McDonald, Tibor Varady, John Meisel, Danielle Juteau, Ferenc Glatz.

Michael Walzer, On Toleration (Yale University Press, 1997). $16.50

Edwin Wilmsen and Patrick McAllister (eds) The Politics of Difference: Ethnic Premises in a World of Power (University of Chicago Press, 1996) - includes articles by Ernesto Laclau, John Comoraff, John Sharp, Jan Blommaert, Alleta Norval. $13.95

The most recent issue of Constellations, Vol. 4/1, 1997, contains a symposium on Will Kymlicka's Multicultural Citizenship, with articles by Iris Marion Young, Joseph Carens, Bhikhu Parekh and Rainer Forst, and a reply by Will Kymlicka.


A new journal has been established which may be of interest to our readers, called National Identities: History, Geography, Image. It is the first "concentrating on historical and geographical approaches to national identities, their interpretation and expression, and their economic, social, and political impact". Key themes of the journal will be "how and why national identities emerged, their expression, and their transmission", including historical and regional studies of the role of cultural (language, gender, religion, the media, sport, encounters with `the other', etc.) and political (state forms, wars, boundaries) factors in the forging of national identities. If you are interested in contributing to the journal, contact the editors: Peter Catterall, ICBH, Room 357, Senate House, Malet Street, London WCIE 7HU, England. E-mail: P.P.Catterall@amq.ac.uk; or Christopher Vernon, School of Planning, Queensland University of Technology, GPO Box 2434, Brisbane, Queensland 4001, Australia. Fax: 61-7-38644308; e-mail: c.vernon@qut.edu.au.


- the Communitarian Network (whose work we mentioned in newsletter #3) has established an electronic mailing list called COMNET (Communitarian Network Update). Subscribers receive a newsletter, about once a month, with details regarding upcoming communitarian events, announcements and other information. To subscribe, send a message saying SUBSCRIBE COMNET to: LISTSERV@hermes.circ.gwu.edu. For more information, contact the list moderator at: comnet@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu, or check the Network's web-site at http://www.gwu.edu/~ccps

- MINELRES-L (Electronic Resources on Minorities) is a new discussion list devoted to minority issues in Central and Eastern Europe. The list is moderated by Boris Tsilevich, of the Center for Educational and Social Research in Riga, Latvia, with the support of several academic research groups in Germany, Slovakia, Canada, Latvia and Russia. It is funded by the Soros Foundation. Its aims are to provide a forum for discussion of minority and human rights issues in Central and Eastern Europe; to archive and make available information concerning the relevant treaties, laws, NGOS, statistics and publications in the area; and to facilitate human rights NGOs in their use of the internet. To subscribe, send a message to LISTSERV@RIGA.LV saying:


For more information, contact the list moderator (MINELRES@MAILBOX.RIGA.LV)

- In newsletter #3 we mentioned the major conference on "Culture and Citizenship" held at the Australian Key Centre for Cultural and Media Policy in Brisbane in October 1996. Some sixty conference papers have now been posted on the Centre's web-site, covering topics such as "public culture and citizenship" (eg. civic education, arts policy), "peoples and citizenship" (eg., multiculturalism, indigenous peoples, national identity), and "redefining citizenship" (eg., feminism and citizenship, republicanism, transnational citizenship). The papers are posted at: http://www.gu.edu.au/gwis/hum/conf/culture_citizenship_conf.html.

For information about the Key Centre's regular publications and upcoming conferences, contact the Manager of the Center: Ms. Karen Perkins, Australian Key Centre for Cultural and Media Policy, Faculty of Humanities, Griffith University, Queensland 4111, Australia. Fax: 61-7-38755511; e-mail: K.Perkins@hum.gu.edu.au. Or check the Centre's web-site ( http://www.gu.edu.au/gwis/akccmp/home.html)

- There are several ways to check out new book publications on the internet. For example, many university libraries have put their catalogues on the web, as have most university presses. But there is now an even better way to find information on new (or old) books - namely, "Amazon.com", the Internet bookstore. Over 2.5 million books are listed, from both major and minor publishers, all of which can be ordered by credit-card. Like university library catalogues, the list can be searched by author, title, subject or keyword, but Amazon.com provides much more - eg., not just information about the price and availability of each book, but also typically a table of contents and a paragraph-long description of the book, and in some cases quotes from reviews, and even comments from the author! (In fact, authors are encouraged to submit comments for their books). It's worth checking out: http://amazom.com/


- The University of Canberra has just established a new research centre called Australian Center for Cultural Diversity Research and Development (ACCORD). Its goals are to conduct applied social research which contributes to the understanding and enhancement of cultural diversity in Australia's institutions; to provide professional education relating to working in multicultural societies; to provide research and professional services to both government and NGOs; and to promote the dissemination of information on the management of cultural diversity. The Director of the Centre is Dr. Amar Galla. For more information, contact Paul Kringas, Deputy Director, ACCORD, Faculty of Management, University of Canberra, PO Box 1, Belconnen, ACT 2616, Australia; Fax: 61-6-2015067; e-mail: prk@management.canberra.edu.au

- The Centre for Citizenship and Human Rights (CCHR) at Deakin University (Geelong, Australia) is a forum providing research, education and consultancy for policy makers, academics and advocacy groups. It was founded by Prof. Bryan Turner in 1993, and is now directed by Prof. Michael Muetzelfeldt. The Centre has an active research and publication program, details of which are available on the Centre's homepage: http:www2.deakin.edu.au/faculty/arts/cchr/

Of particular interest are two projects: one on "Benchmarks for Citizenship", which is attempting to formulate specific indicators for measuring effective citizenship and the impact of various government policies on it; and a more diffuse project on "Globalisation, Change and Diversity". The homepage also contains back-issues of the Centre's newsletter ("Forum"), as well as links to other citizenship and human rights web-sites. For more information, contact Centre for Citizenship and Human Rights, Faculty of Arts, Deakin University, Geelong 3217 Australia. Fax: 61-3-52272155; E-mail: cchr@deakin.edu.au

- Forum Eastern Europe (FEE) is an independent, international and multidisciplinary research group involved in the study of post-communist transition, particularly the inter-related issues of nationalism, ethnic conflict, human and minority rights, migration politics, and democratic development in the region. In addition to its research and publications (eg., Ethnic Minority Rights in Central/Eastern Europe, 1996), FEE also organizes international seminars, workshops, and training programs for people working in ethnic relations. Recent seminars on managing diversity have been held in Slovakia, Latvia, and the Ukraine, bringing together policy planners, politicians, minority activists, NGOs, academics and journalists in each country. FEE was established in 1994 by a group of Canadian and European scholars with research interest in, and first hand experience of the region, and is headed by Dr. Magda Opalski and Dr. John Jaworsky. For more information about FEE publications or activities, contact Magda Opalski, FEE, 88 Bowhill Avenue, Nepean Ontario K2E 6S7 Canada. Fax: 613-224-3199; E-mail: magdao@istar.ca


If you would like to announce a new research project, publication, web-site, call for papers, or upcoming conference in a future issue of this newsletter, please contact us at cded@post.queensu.ca , or you can write to the:

Canadian Centre for Philosophy and Public Policy
Department of Philosophy
Watson Hall
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
Canada K7L 3N6

Telephone 613 545-2182

Fax 613 545-6545

The CCPPP gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada in funding this newsletter. Special thanks to Lise Charlebois for help with the Internet Resources section, and with the distribution of the newsletter.


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