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Political Theory

Political Theory Daily Review: This website is a central space on the internet for the study of philosophy and politics. The main purpose of the Review is to make available news items, articles, essays, magazine and journal items and other material related to political theory for those who otherwise would find it difficult or time consuming to carry out searches individually. Items related to political theory are posted daily and arranged for easy reading and access. The address of this useful site is: http://www.politicaltheory.info

APSA-theory: This is the official home page of the "Foundations of Political Theory" division of the American Political Science Association. The site contains news from the division, fellowships, indices of journals, a list of internet resources, recent publications in political theory, book awards, upcoming conferences: http://www.political-theory.org/

NASSP: The North American Society for Social Philosophy facilitates discussion between social philosophers working on numerous issues of interest to political theorists. The website contains information on NASSP conferences, membership information, details on other activities and links to publications such as the NASSP newsletter and the Journal of Social Philosophy. Visit: http://www.pitt.edu/~nassp/nassp.html

Hinman: (Lawrence Hinman's Ethics Homepage): Have you ever wanted suggestions or advice on teaching the ethical issues relating to ethnocultural diversity? If so, you might be interested in this homepage, which is specifically designed for ethics instructors and their students. It is subdivided into sections which include: Race and Ethnicity; Rights Theories; and Diversity and Moral Theory. Each section includes links to related internet resources, summaries of recent articles, and a short survey of philosophical works on the topic. Hinman's page also has a section called "The Periodicals Room", which provides tables of contents to recent journal issues in ethics: http://ethics.acusd.edu/index.html

Communitarian Network: The Communitarian Network has established an electronic mailing list called COMNET (Communitarian Network Update). Subscribers receive a newsletter, about once a month, with details regarding upcoming communitarian events, announcements and other information. To subscribe, send a message saying SUBSCRIBE COMNET to: LISTSERV@hermes.circ.gwu.edu. For more information, contact the list moderator at: comnet@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu, or check the Network's web-site at http://www.gwu.edu/~ccps/

Contemporary Political Theory: Contemporary Political Theory (CPT) is a new peer-reviewed journal in political philosophy and theory.  Its general editor is Gary Browning, Oxford Brookes University.  CPT will include contributions from a wide range of perspectives including analytical political philosophy, radical and post- structural political thought, feminist theory, international relations theory and philosophy of social science.  CPT will be published three times a year and the first issue appeared in March 2002.  For more information contact Raia Prokhovnik, Contemporary Political Theory, The Open University, Department of Politics, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA, UK; e- mail: Contemporary-Political-Theory@open.ac.uk Or visit:

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