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How To Help People Who Are Grieving

Starting this fall 2014, the Chaplain will hold department-based workshops for faculty, staff and student leaders on effective support for people in grief. Discussions will include definitions of typical versus complicated grieving, the implications of unresolved grief in a person’s life and functioning and the types of supports that grieving people need in the short and long-term. Departments are asked to contact the chaplain’s office to arrange a workshop.

Managing Your Money - Financial Literacy

The Chaplain's Office is offering a new 2-hour Financial Literacy workshop which aims to give students introductory skills in money management and get them thinking about how they can manage their money in a way that has personal integrity and sets them up for their own definition of financial success. Discussions will include money management skills, an examination of personal values and the long-term implications of various approaches to money management. Further details on dates and times of the workshops will be released by the first week of September 2014.