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Office of the CIO and Associate Vice-Principal (Information Technology Services)
Office of the CIO and Associate Vice-Principal (Information Technology Services)

Assessment and Metrics 

Welcome to this new section of the Office of the CIO website. We will be using this space to develop a comprehensive, multi-dimensional IT Assessment Program, which encompasses both IT across the University and the ITServices department.  The purpose of which is best reflected in our goals for Assessment:

For the Office of the CIO, the primary goal of our Assessment program is to enable and inform IT strategy, planning, priorities, investment and decision making at all levels of the University. 

For ITServices, this Assessment program will help us:

  1. Demonstrate return on investment in both information technology and ITServices as a shared service.
  2. Deliver on our goal to be accountable to our stakeholders. They can learn about and influence our goals and priorities, and we provide evidence-based reporting on our progress
  3. Regularly assess the quality, capacity and relevance of the services and infrastructure we are responsible for.
  4. Regularly compare ourselves (Queen's, ITServices) with peers and best practices, through benchmarking activities and maturity assessment.

The envisioned Assessment Framework and hence these pages are built around two key themes:

Accountability and Transparency.

We welcome your comments and suggestions: please send them here