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Office of the CIO and Associate Vice-Principal (Information Technology Services)
Office of the CIO and Associate Vice-Principal (Information Technology Services)

IT@Queen's External Review

In the Fall of 2012, ITS commissioned  an external peer review of IT@Queen's. Mark Roman, the former Chief Information Officer at the University of Victoria and former Executive Director of CANARIE, spent the previous fall interviewing many people across campus to get their perspectives. This was a very rich sharing of information and we appreciate all of those who volunteered their time to be interviewed.

The end product is significant, with over 100 pages of observations and close to 130 recommendations. This is as much about IT@Queen's as it is about ITS. It is about taking off our individual unit hats and looking at what is best for Queen's. It gives us ideas on how to improve ourselves, and it gives us context to build on what we already have at Queen's.

The ITS leadership team has reviewed the document and we feel it is a fair representation, with many actionable items that we are already progressing with. Some of the items will need more discussion and engagement across campus and some may only be the seeds for something entirely different. It has ideas that will seem obvious to many people, it will have ideas that are transformative, and it will have ideas that you may not agree with. The ITS leadership team felt that we should share the report in its entirety and we shouldn't release only the pieces that are 'easy'.  

To be perfectly honest, I am not sure I agree with every recommendation in the report, although I think Mark captured the situation very well and his recommendations are all thoughtful and worthy of discussion. If you find something challenging, I ask you to consider the report in full, think about IT@Queen's, and bring your concerns to the table. We will be more than happy to have a dialogue about them. This is not about what ITS wants, this is about what IT@Queen's could be, and we all have input into that. 

 These documents are only accessible with a Queen's NetID - if you would like a copy, please contact me.

Bo Wandschneider
CIO and Associate Vice Principal - Information Technology
Queen's University
Kingston ON