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Office of the CIO and Associate Vice-Principal (Information Technology Services)
Office of the CIO and Associate Vice-Principal (Information Technology Services)

Information Security Office

Image of a lock on a compact disk, representing data protectionWelcome to the Information Security Office. Information Security has become a significant concern for the reputation of our institution due to increasing threats. We all must therefore make special efforts to:

  • protect Queen’s administrative; teaching; research; and personal and confidential systems and information;
  • enable Queen’s staff, faculty, students and researchers to perform their computing activities securely in support of the mission of the University; and
  • adhere to increasing regulatory and compliance requirements (privacy legislation such as  FIPPA, PHIPA, etc.).

Protection may be governed by legal, contractual, financial, or University policy. Queen’s University is equally committed to preserving a trusted environment that encourages academic and research collaboration through the responsible and secure use of information technology resources.

Continuing to strengthen the security of the University's IT infrastructure and helping the Queen's community learn and adopt secure information handling and management practices are high priorities for the CIO and Information Security Officer. Attempts to obtain unauthorized access to personal and/or confidential information are continuing to increase in frequency, and schemes to gain such access are becoming more sophisticated. Fortifying the University's security defences, expanding the system security assessment program to identify vulnerabilities, and continued efforts to broaden awareness and understanding of safe information practices, are all of vital importance.

The security information on this site is focused on enterprise-wide security. It includes policy information, guidelines, and templates that are applicable across the University community.


For assistance with any of the security information found on this site, please contact the Information Security Office.

Additional Information

Information relating to personal workstation computer security can be found on the ITS website. This includes tutorials, FAQs, best practices and services that individual members of the community should familiarize themselves with to protect their personal security.