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Office of the CIO and Associate Vice-Principal (Information Technology Services)
Office of the CIO and Associate Vice-Principal (Information Technology Services)

Project Health Check Process

Project Health Checks are scheduled for all ASSC-governed projects. They are conducted by Queen's Internal Audit Department in partnership with the Project Portfolio Office. The timing and number of Health Checks scheduled for a given project are negotiated in the early stages of the project between the Project Manager, Internal Audit and the PPO.


The Project Health Check Process aims to:

  1. ensure that the institution’s high profile IT projects are meeting their objectives, as outlined in their supporting project documentation;
  2. foster a more consistent and effective use of best practice project management processes and templates across the institution;
  3. support Queen’s Project Managers' efforts by independently reviewing project progress; and
  4. provide feedback to ensure project success.

Project Health Check Procedures

  1. Internal Audit emails the Health Check attendees two weeks in advance of the Health Check meeting to:
    1. confirm the time, date and venue of the Health Check meeting;
    2. provide a list of the project documentation that is required one week in advance of the Health Check, along with a link to upload it to a shared folder; and
    3. provide a detailed list of the specific project areas that Internal Audit will be reviewing, along with the evaluation criteria.
  2. The week prior to the Health Check meeting, Internal Audit will perform an independent review of the project documentation.
  3. The Health Check meeting is attended by a representative from Internal Audit, a representative from the PPO, the Project Manager, and the Business Owner. The Project Sponsor may also attend in some cases.
  4. Two to three weeks following the Health Check meeting, Internal Audit will provide a report to the Project Manager and Business Owner outlining the findings of the Health Check.
  5. If desired, a follow-up meeting can be requested by the key stakeholders to review the Heath Check findings with Internal Audit and discuss possible next steps.


If you have any questions about the Project Health Check Process, please email the PPO.