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Excavating Jordan
Queen's Journal - September 10, 2010

Students hone skills and gain international experience on excavation
Queen's News Centre - July 29, 2010

Peeling Back the Layers of History by Ian Babbitt
Queen's Journal - June 28, 2005

"I still feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to participate in the excavation. It was truly an amazing, unforgettable experience. I'm currently working as a Project Coordinator and am in training to become a Project Manager. It's a far cry from excavating in Jordan, but it's certainly a challenging role where I feel I can leverage the analytical and leadership skills that I learned from my training with you."

~ Rachael Jones

"The ability to participate on the Humayma Excavation in the summer of 2004 allowed me to combine theoretical textbook teachings with practical field work. The experience of being supervised by my very own professor was rewarding in itself because I was challenged beyond previous expecations and encouraged to develop new skills that could not be taught in the classroom."

~ Samil Latif Chagpar