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CLST 129 - Introduction to Archaeology (F/W)

CLST 129 provides a two semester introduction to the history and development of archaeology as an academic discipline, with an emphasis on classical archaeology. Our study begins with an introduction to the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Italy. We then examine how ancient artifacts and ruins have been perceived by subsequent cultures from ancient to modern times. During the second semester, the course shifts to the modern era and examines how archaeology is done today. Particular emphasis will be placed on the methods of obtaining evidence by excavation and survey, the evaluation of artifacts and ecofacts, the reconstruction of ancient environments and cultures, and modern attitudes towards cultural heritage. This course is recommended as a prerequisite for anyone hoping to go on an archaeological project or work with artifacts.

Fall Term:

ASSESSMENT:  Two slide tests, and either a December exam or brief, final essay
TEXTBOOK:  The Archaeology of Greece, by Biers, Cornell University Press
INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Anne Foley

Winter Term:

ASSESSMENT:  Three in-class tests + final exam (multiple choice + fill in the blanks + essay questions)
Probable TEXTBOOK:  C. Renfrew and P. BahnArchaeology Essentials: theories, methods, and practice (third edition) Thames and Hudson 2015
INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Fabio Colivicchi