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CLST 205 - Ancient Humour (F)

A study of ancient techniques of humour, the role of humour in Greek and Roman society and theories of humour, both ancient and modern.  We will emphasize the relevance of these topics to contemporary humour.

ASSESSMENT:  Online tests, individual and group assignments, tutorial activities

  • Griffith, R. Drew and Marks, Robert B., 2011   A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Agora: Ancient Greek and Roman Humour, 2nd Revised Ed. (Agora Harder), Kingston, Ontario. REQUIRED
  • Aristophanes   Four Plays by Aristophanes. Translated by William Arrowsmith, Richmond Lattimore, and Douglas Parker. New York, 1984.  RECOMMENDED
  • Sullivan, J. P.   The Satyricon and the Apocolocyntosis. London: Penguin Books, 1986. RECOMMENDED

INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Cristiana Zaccagnino