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Current Student Profiles

Theresa Ainsworth
Undergraduate School: University of Guelph
Supervisor: Dr. Daryn Lehoux
Research Interests: Ancient astronomical theory and technology, beekeeping in antiquity and its interactions with medicine, philosophy of ancient science

Tarryn Andrews
Undergraduate School: Queen's University
Supervisor: Dr. Cristiana Zaccagnino
Research Interests: Greek Archaeology/Culture, Roman Archaeology

Laura Bevilacqua
Undergraduate School: University of Siena
Supervisor: Dr. R. Drew Griffith
Research Interests: Greek Mythology, Roman religion/culture, anthropology

Matthew Chandler
Undergraduate School: Carleton University
Supervisor: Dr. Bernard Kavanagh
Research Interests: Latin; Late Roman Republic; Archaeology

Shane Curro
Undergraduate School: Florida State University
Supervisor: Dr. Cristiana Zaccagnino
Research Interests: Etruscology/Greek Archaeology and History

Olivia De Brabandere
Undergraduate School: Trent University
Supervisor: Dr. Daryn Lehoux
Research Interests: Women's medicine, infertility, gender relations, ancient family

Cayleigh Eccles
Undergraduate School: Concordia University
Supervisor: TBA
Research Interests: Roman/Byzantine Empire, Late Antiquity, Roman Britain

Alexander Harmantas
Undergraduate School: University of Toronto, McGill University
Supervisor: Dr. Anne M. Foley
Research Interests: Late Classical & Early Hellenistic periods, Rise of Macedon under Philip II

Shannon Hastings-Viger
Undergraduate School: Concordia University
Supervisor: Dr. Anne M. Foley
Research Interests: Greek pottery

Kristen Jones
Undergraduate School: Queen's University
Supervisor: Dr. George Bevan
Research Interests: Hellenistic/Roman periods, GIS in archaeology, digital photogrammetry, virtual reality photography for archaeology

Alexandria McKellar
Undergraduate School:
 Queen’s University
Supervisor: Dr. Daryn Lehoux
Research Interests: Ancient science and medicine, Egyptology, Etruscology, ancient Latin and Greek, practical archaeology

Lucas Meadows
Undergraduate School: Queen’s University
Supervisor: TBA
Research Interests: Greek & Roman archaeology, ancient Sicily, Greek colonization

Steven Mooney
Undergraduate School: University of Victoria
Supervisor: Dr. George Bevan
Research Interests: Roman immigration policy/border patrol, changing identity in Late Antiquity

Ryland Patterson
Undergraduate School: Carleton University
Supervisor: TBA
Research Interests: Roman history, Hellenistic period, Greek & Latin linguistics, palaeography, epigraphy, papyrology

Daniel Sloan
Undergraduate School: Queen’s University
Supervisor: Dr. George Bevan
Research Interests: Late Antiquity

Sophie Stefanovich
Undergraduate School: University of Toronto
Supervisor: TBA
Research Interests: Roman & Greek history, material culture, Pompeii & Herculaneum

Jade Wells
Undergraduate School: Queen's University
Supervisor: Dr. George Bevan
Research Interests: Digital photogrammetry, Roman/Greek archaeology, Latin & Greek language