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Admission Requirements

The basic requirement for admission is a four-year bachelor degree in Classics with first class or high second class (B+) standing.

Applicants to our Greek and Roman Literature, History and Archaeology field should have good knowledge of Greek and Latin, and are required to take at least 6.0 language units (Greek and/or Latin) at the graduate level. Applicants who need to supplement their experience in the languages may be accepted on a preparatory basis and arrangements made for supplementary language courses. These are taken in addition to other, non-language graduate courses in the first year.

Please contact the Graduate Coordinator if you have any questions about your qualifications in the languages.

International Students

International students should also be aware of these additional requirements before applying: 

  • English Language Test: English is the language of instruction and communication at Queen's. For more details about English language requirements please see the SGS Preparing Graduate Studies Page.
  • Immigration Requirements: There are many documents required by Immigration before you can obtain your study permit and it can be a lengthy process; we recommend that you leave plenty of time to acquire these. For the most up-to-date information about immigration requirements see the SGS Preparing Graduate Studies Page.
  • Medical Coverage: It is compulsory to have the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) as an international student