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Classics graduate students first published an academic journal in 1989
entitled CERES: Graduate Academic Journal, based on papers from their
second annual Graduate Students' Classical Conference held at Queen's     
in May 1989; Volume II was published in May 1990.     

CERES Volume I - May 1989

CERES Volume II - May 1990




It's here!!    CERES Volume III - 06 November 2017

After a quarter-century hiatus, CERES is back with a new issue featuring articles by both Queen’s Graduate and Undergraduate students from Classical Studies, Archaeology, Philosophy, and various other departments. The upcoming journal includes a wide array of subjects including seafaring in the works of Homer, ring composition in Latin poetry, gruesome symbolism in the Dionysian mystery cults, and Constantinian military policy in the Eastern Roman provinces. The release date for the first volume of the revival is 06 November 2017. Keep your eyes peeled for a fresh batch of fascinating academic work from the students of Queen’s University.