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Graduate Level Courses

Normally, six half courses will be offered each year, including at least one course from each of the three designated fields. While every attempt is made to arrange courses to suit the needs and special interests of individual students, all M.A. students will be required to include a minimum of one course from each of the three fields in their overall program (GREK, LATN, CLAS).

2014-2015 Course Offerings

Fall Term

CLAS 832 - Greek History I: Archaic/Classical - The Ionian Revolt
GREK 820 - Greek Epic -
CLAS 843 - Roman History II: Empire - Year of the 4 Emperors and the Flavian Dynasty

Winter Term

CLAS 805 – Topography of Ancient Rome
CLAS 823 – Greek Archaeology​ II
GREK 830 – Reading Course – Plato, Symposium
LATN 830 – Reading Course
 Vergil, Aeneid

Available subs:
RELS 821 - Greek and Roman Religions
HIST 880 - Topics in History - Religious identity, dissidence and interaction in Byzantium

Summer Term

Practicum:  CLAS 809 - Archaeology Practicum II:  Caere, Italy (Summer 2015)

More information about our graduate courses can be found in the School of Graduate Studies Academic Calendar.