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Current Student Profiles

Matthew Chandler
Undergraduate School: Carleton University
Supervisor: Dr. Bernard Kavanagh
Research Interests: Latin; Late Roman Republic; Archaeology

Brandon Francis
Undergraduate School: Carleton University
Supervisor: TBA
Research Interests: Military tactics of Peloponnesian War, Persian Influence

Nicholas Gill
Undergraduate School: Queen’s University
Supervisor: Dr. Daryn Lehoux
Research Interests: Ancient Science & Medicine, Ancient Greek, Etruscology, Assyriology

Alexander Harmantas
Undergraduate School: University of Toronto, McGill University
Supervisor: TBA
Research Interests: Late Classical and Early Hellenistic periods, Rise of Macedon under Philip II

Shannon Hastings-Viger
Undergraduate School: Concordia University
Supervisor: Dr. Anne M. Foley
Research Interests: Greek pottery

Marcus Jeffrey
Undergraduate School: Queen's
Supervisor: Dr. Daryn Lehoux
Research Interests: Late Antiquity

Ian Longo
Undergraduate School:
Supervisor: Dr. George Bevan
Research Interests: Archaeology, Papyrology; Early Christian cults

Daniel Sloan
Undergraduate School: Queen’s
Supervisor: Dr. George Bevan
Research Interests: Late Antiquity

Johnny Timoschuk
Undergraduate School:
 Carleton University
Supervisor: TBA
Research Interests: Roman Culture, "Romanization", Social History of Late Republic/early Empire