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LATN 311-411
Vergil and Tacitus (Fall/Winter 2011-12)


Instructor: Prof. B. J. Kavanagh
Office: Room 514, Watson Hall
Office Hours: By appointment
Phone: (613) 533-6000, ext. 74825

Students are required to be familiar with Queen's policy on Academic Integrity .
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Course Description

Although the course material for LATN 311/411 will be the same, the testing will differ in that students taking LATN 411 will have a sight passage for all tests; students of LATN 311 will have a sight passage only for the second and fourth tests.  All tests will involve translation, grammar, scansion as well as the comprehension and knowledge of the content of both authors, one of whom was Rome's greatest epic poet, the other, Rome's greatest Imperial historian, Tacitus. 

Students must attend all classes and only serious medical reasons will be accepted for missing a class.  While attendance in class is compulsory, careful preparation of the material to be covered is equally important.  Students who are not prepared for class on a certain day will be listed as absent.  It is important to add, however, that having difficulty with understanding a passage is not the same thing as not being prepared.

The student's essay topic must be agreed upon by the professor and the research must focus on either Vergil or Tacitus.  The topic can be historical or literary in scope or theme and it will be due on March 26, 2012.

Required Texts

Fall Term

Vergil's Aeneid II, Bristol Classical Press

Winter Term

Tacitus, Histories (text not yet selected)

    Marking Scheme

    1. Class Participation - 10%
    2. Course Essay - 10%
    3. Midterms - There will be four midterms, each one worth 20%of your final mark.  The dates of these midterms are tentatively set for
      1. October 26, 2011
      2. January 11, 2012
      3. March 14, 2012
      4. Final Exam Time Schedule

    Grading Methodology

    All components of this course will receive numerical percentage marks.  The final grade you receive for the course will be derived by converting your numerical course average to a letter grade according to Queen’s Official Grade Conversion Scale:

    Queen’s Official Grade Conversion Scale


    Numerical Course Average (Range)


























    49 and below


      Academic Integrity

      Academic integrity is constituted by the five core fundamental values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility (see These values are central to the building, nurturing and sustaining of an academic community in which all members of the community will thrive. Adherence to the values expressed through academic integrity forms a foundation for the "freedom of inquiry and exchange of ideas" essential to the intellectual life of the University (see the Senate Report on Principles and Priorities

      Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the regulations concerning academic integrity and for ensuring that their assignments conform to the principles of academic integrity. Information on academic integrity is available in the Arts and Science Calendar (see Academic Regulation 1, on the Arts and Science website (see, and from the instructor of this course. Departures from academic integrity include plagiarism, use of unauthorized materials, facilitation, forgery and falsification, and are antithetical to the development of an academic community at Queen's. Given the seriousness of these matters, actions which contravene the regulation on academic integrity carry sanctions that can range from a warning or the loss of grades on an assignment to the failure of a course to a requirement to withdraw from the university.

      Download the  Statement on Academic Integrity for Inclusion in Course Syllabi and Assignments  [PDF]


      The material on this website is copyrighted and is for the sole use of students registered in LATN 311 and 411. The material on this website may be downloaded for a registered student’s personal use, but shall not be distributed or disseminated to anyone other than students registered in LATN 311 and 411.  Failure to abide by these conditions is a breach of copyright, and may also constitute a breach of academic integrity under the University Senate’s Academic Integrity Policy Statement.

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