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Special Arrangements - Tests and Exams

Computer-Assisted Exams and Tests

Should a student require special accommodation in the form of computer-assisted exams or tests:

For December final exams (half-year courses) and mid-year tests (full-year courses) and April final exams the accommodations are automatically made for the student for all exams scheduled through the Registrar. (Centrally administered or private exams)
For midterm tests, the Registrar will accommodate the students (indicated by Disability services) if the following procedure is followed:
Computer midterm accommodation procedure:
1.       The student must fill out a "Student request form" (see below) at least  10 working days prior to the scheduled exam
2.       The exams office will check the students' documentation and if they qualify for a computer accommodation then the instructor will be sent an "Instructor Information Form" that will ask for the date, time and duration of the exam and any particulars. (Aids allowed, contact info, etc.)
3.       When the instructor information form is received back by the Exams Office, we will send the student a "Student Notification Form" with the details of the exam. All computer accommodation exams will be scheduled in Gordon Hall Rm. 400.
4.       The Exams Office must receive a copy of the exam paper from the instructor at least 3 working days prior to the scheduled exam in order for the exam to be accommodated by the Registrar.
This procedure must be followed otherwise the Office of the Registrar cannot accommodate the student.
The time frame that this service is provided is over the midterm period from mid-October to the first week of November in the fall term and in February and March of the winter term.

Computer-Assisted Exam and Test Request Form for Students (27kb)

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Exams and Tests Outside of the Regularly Scheduled Exam/Test Time

Tests and exams taken at any other time than regularly scheduled tests/exams may differ in content and/or composition.

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