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Limited spaces are available in the following Classics courses:

Fall Term 2014 

Winter Term 2015

  CLST 102    Intro to Greek Civilization   CLST 103    Intro to Roman Civilization
  CLST 201    Roman History   CLST 200    Greek History
  CLST 214    Ancient Science   CLST 304     Arch of the Classical World
  CLST 305    Arch of the Etruscans and Early Romans   CLST 311    Greek and Roman Epic
     CLST 330    Classical Greek Culture & Society
    CLST 405    Topography of Rome

Fall-Winter 2014-15

  CLST 129    Intro to Archaeology
  GREK 112, 208    Introductory, Intermediate Greek
  GREK 310/410    Epic Poetry and Oratory
  LATN 110, 209    Introductory, Intermediate Latin
  LATN 310/410    Epic Poetry and Oratory

Spaces may become available in other Classics courses throughout the Open Enrolment Period
(September 03-19); we encourage you to check SOLUS regularly for up-to-date information.