Centre for Law in the Contemporary Workplace

Centre for Law in the Contemporary Workplace

Migrants at Work in Canada Symposium - April 20-21, 2018


Friday, April 20, 2018

• Welcome: Queen’s Law Dean Bill Flanagan, Kevin Banks and Manoj Dias-Abey
• Introductory talk to draw out the themes of the symposium: Bridget Anderson

Panel 1: Migrant workers in contemporary North America
• “From temporary to permanent: immigration opportunities and challenges for migrant workers in Canada”, Delphine Nakache
• “The future of U.S. farm labour”, Philip Martin and Daniel Costa
• “Temporary labour migration and trade in services”, Samuel Engblom and Asa
Odin Ekman
• Discussant: Sharry Aiken

Panel 2: Canadian political economy and labour mobility
• “Low-waged labour migrants at Tim Hortons”, Geraldina Polanco
• “Enforcing employment standards for temporary foreign agricultural workers in
Ontario: an empirical study”, Leah Vosko, Eric Tucker and Rebecca Casey
• “Neoliberal legality and the regulation of temporary migrant workers in Canada”,
Manoj Dias-Abey
• Discussant: Kevin Banks

Panel 3A: Regulatory responses and their limits
• “The limitations of anti-trafficking responses to challenge gendered economic
coercion”, Fay Faraday
• “Forging a binational compliance strategy: the role of diaspora management
policies in shaping labor standards enforcement in the United States”, Xochitl
Bada and Shannon Gleeson
• “Designing worker-friendly labour migration programs: A comparative study
between Canada, Israel and Spain”, Vasanthi Venkatesh
• Discussant: Adelle Blackett

Saturday, April 21, 2018
Panel 3B: Regulatory responses and their limits
• “Are we there yet? Measuring the regulation of employers of migrant farm
workers in Canada”, Sarah Marsden
• “The protector of immigrants: The British Empire, the coolie trade, and the
failure of the world’s biggest anti-trafficking effort”, Cindy Hahamovitch
• “Temporary Foreign Worker Program: What does human development entail?”,
Supriya Routh
• Discussant:

Panel 4: roundtable of migrant advocacy organizations
• Justicia, Chris Rampsroop
• Justice in Motion, Cathleen Caron
• Transnational Legal Clinic (University of Pennsylvania), Sarah Paoletti
• Migrante, Jesson Reyes
• Coalition of Immokalee Workers
• United Food and Commercial Workers (Canada)
• Discussant: Dalia Gesualdi-Fecteau