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Campus Master Plan: Partnerships

The consultant team provided overall support and direction throughout the duration of the project, working closely with Queen's through the CMP Project Team, CMP Advisory Committee, and the Deans’ Council, which included a representative from every faculty and school.

Lead Consult: Urban Strategies Inc.


Lead consultant, land use planning, campus design and open space, visioning, engagement and consultation, project management, liaison with Queen’s

This Toronto-based lead consultancy team has North America-wide experience in Campus Planning, including projects with University of Toronto, McMaster University, Cornell University, University of Waterloo

Campus awards:

  • Cornell Comprehensive Campus Master Plan:
    • 2009 APA New York State Chapter, Award of Excellence for Comprehensive Planning
    • 2009 Canadian Institute of Planners Award for Planning Excellence in Urban Design
    • 2009 Canadian Society of Landscape Architects Award - Regional Honour
    • 2008 Design Exchange Award of Excellence in Urban Design
  • University of Ottawa Campus Master Plan, King Edward Precinct Strategy:
    • 2007 Ontario Professional Planners Institute Award of Excellence
  • Brock University Campus Plan:
    • 2003 OPPI Award for Planning Excellence
  • University of Toronto Open Space Master Plan:
    • 2001 American Society of Landscape Architects Merit Award
    • 2001 Canadian Society of Landscape Architects National and Regional Merit Awards
    • 2001 City of Toronto Architecture and Urban Design Award of Excellence

The team:

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Partner-in-charge: Joe Berridge
Strategic Advisor, Design: George Dark
Lead Urban Designer: Warren Price
Advisor, Communications: Mary Castel (Arts'97)
Project Manager: Anthony Greenberg
Urban Designer: Christine Fang-Denissov

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Other partners:

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