The Spring Conference “Grind”

So much for keeping things ‘fresh’.   Now that we are making this live and I have made it through the spring, I hope a little more discipline will keep this going.   I have a few notes written that I will begin to publish.

Each spring is always a challenge as it generally lines up with several conferences, just as people on campus are ramping up with a non-teaching term.  This year I also added a personal distraction, as my family finally joined me in Kingston.   Moving was much more eventful than I had imagined, but the end result is fantastic.

This spring I did attend OUCC at the University of Toronto – Mississauga.   I had never been to this campus before and it was in a very beautiful setting.   It was not at all what I had expected,  being in the heart of a major Canadian urban setting.    I really enjoyed the keynote by Corinne Charette who is the Chief Information Officer for the Government of Canada.  An interesting discussion was had on Shared Services Canada ,  and the notion of Standardize, Integrate and Re-engineer.   There is a lot to be learned from that simple statement and things that can be applied in higher ed.   It certainly sounded like some of the same distributed issues we face daily.

I enjoyed a presentation from Richard Dumala, at the University of Windsor on a Cloud-based Survey Tool.  He talked about their implementation of Fluid Surveys, a Canadian cloud solution provider.   I think there would be a real benefit to our community if these types of cloud services made use of the Canadian Access Federation.  We need to acknowledge that our communities span multiple institution’s and managing multiple accounts shouldn’t be an issue.   Getting a campus solution for a survey tools is something we are looking at for Queen’s.  We are interested in a tool that can handle our administrative needs as well as the needs of our researchers in a secure, cost effective and easy to use environment.

I also managed to squeeze in IASSIST and CANHEIT this spring and will add more in another blog post.

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