The role of the CIO

Today I am going to cheat a bit and highlight a post from Mark Roman’s blog.   I really enjoy reading his blog because it always seems to highlight something I am thinking about or struggling with.

In this post Mark gives a concise perspective on the difference between a CIO and an IT Director.   As I continue to adjust to my new role here at Queen’s I sometimes find myself clarifying that difference.   I point out that ITS is one component in the CIO portfolio. Having to explain this is not a bad thing.  I think a good leader continually provides clarity on their role and the role of others in the organization.   I have a MT retreat coming up in a couple of weeks and I hope we get to spend some time on defining roles and compentencies that reflect our roles.

Further to this distinction Queen’s has also recently re-branded the CIO role to include the title Associate Vice Principal Information Technology.   That is something I frequently find myself explaining , especially beyond ITS.   To me, it is just a further deepening of the engagement in the teaching and research enterprise at the institution.   It takes us further along the road to embedding IT decision making into the everyday decisions of the institution, rather than making these decisions on there own and on the side.



2 thoughts on “The role of the CIO

  1. Hi Bo,

    I think you hit the nail on the head. IT decision making needs to transform into institutional decision making. This decision style embeds IT naturally into the institutional process.


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