This morning a friend of mine tweeted an article on The 5 types of Leadership Canada Needs Right  Now. (Thanks Mike!)   I must admit that I usually don’t follow the National Post (Financial Post), but I might have to re-consider, especially if they include content like this.  The fact that the on-line Globe wants to charge me after 10 reads a month may also influence that decision.

There is a lot of good insight in this post and it covers a lot of ground.  Brett Wilson covers leadership perspectives from the way we run our business, to our personal lives, to how we look at the environment. I think this is the value of the article.  It can be many things to many people. You don’t have to buy into it all, but even one or two takeaways are worth the read.

He starts out by talking about the US election and the desire for leadership (from our elected officials).  He goes on to say: “… voters are an inconsistent bunch. We expect a lot of our elected officials, but we don’t always hold ourselves to the same standard.”  I think this transcends to any type of leadership and any organization.   Sometimes we forget our own role in a change process.  He even goes on to quote Ghandi: ” it’s time for us to be the change we want to see in the world.

I especially like the section on Personal Leadership.  This is something we are working on in our organization and something I am passionate about.  I think it is foundational to any organization that is driving cultural change.  In the article, Brett Wilson says personal leadership “… requires self-discipline and commitment to positive self-belief, such as: having confidence you can succeed; staying true to your ethics; remaining optimistic even when the odds aren’t great; not letting fear of failure get you down; believing the brightest days are ahead; inspiring and being inspired; believing you can keep improving (even in small ways)….”

I will leave it there and encourage you to take read – it is short and and beefy and to the point.

p.s. I always thought he was the most interesting Dragon.




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