Business Vision

We recently conducted a CIO Business Vision Survey using the services of Info-Tech.  This is a survey of senior people at the institution designed to determine stakeholder  need and improve engagement.  It is a big step in ensuring  that we have common vision, shared governance, and joint accountability.  The survey focused on IT satisfaction and value, IT relationship satisfaction, business priorities, and core service satisfaction.

This was the first time we had attempted to do this sort of high-level stakeholder engagement.   What appealed to us in the beginning was the low risk of this undertaking.  It was all done by Info-Tech.  We simply provided the list of the stake-holders and they did the survey, prepared the reports, and engaged with us in a discussion.  There was no financial cost to this.  The biggest investment on our part was the time of our senior people who filled out the survey.  This is certainly a significant cost and we appreciate the effort in making IT@Queen’s better.

The results we received were interesting, and very helpful.  As an example, one of the things that was delivered was a Service Gap Score across a variety of services.  This is the gap between the importance individuals place on a service and the satisfaction they have in the delivery of the service.   At the one end of the spectrum we have a positive gap on Faculty and Staff devices, while at the other end we have a negative gap around administrative applications, campus infrastructure, analytical capability, and reports.   I don’t think we were surprised by this, but it is certainly a loud and clear message, which was also highlighted in our external review – IT@Queen’s.

Next steps for us are to review this material in greater detail.  There is a large amount of qualitative and quantitative information.  Part of the process will be engaging with those who filled out the survey and digging a little deeper.  49 people filled out the survey and they include, Deans, Associate  Deans, Department Heads, AVPs, and Directors.  Once we have those discussions we will publish the results and begin working on incorporating this into our strategic plan.  Then we will start the cycle over.   We are also going to be seeing if there is an opportunity to get other HE insitutions to use this, so that we can include it in our CUCCIO benchmarking initiatives. The intention will be to do this on an annual base and use it to measure change.

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