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Reading Week: To Read or not to Read…

Oh yeah- the other great thing about being a university student? Reading Week. That’s right, kids, time to hunker down with your books and catch up. Or, (should the student-loan gods be smiling sweetly upon you) time take that trip to the sunny south that you’ve been craving.

I guess they figure that we’ve probably had enough by now, and rather than having us drop out or descend into profound February-blahs-inspired episodes of depression, someone decided it would make more sense just to shut everything down to let us run free for a week.

I’d love to report that I am sprawled on a sandy beach somewhere, but alas, that’s not the case. Though I’m taking some time to see friends and family in various parts of the province, I’m doing so with a bag stuffed full of books and a slightly guilty conscious about how much reading and marking I HAVEN’T done yet. That said, it’s still early days. The week is still unfurling deliciously before me, promising me oodles and oodles of catch-up work hours.

So, the question really is about whether one should use reading week to read or not to read. So here, dear readers, is my first informal poll. Is reading week best spent catching up? Or is the time better spent playing life, sleep and social-life catch-up? We all want to know… (especially me!).

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