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Cut Off!

Ok, I’ll admit it: maybe I have an addiction.

My computer is in the shop. I dropped it off with the Queen’s University IT people yesterday to have them replace it’s Mac-plasticky black casing. The computer had developed a crack on it’s front-side, and Apple have very kindly offered to pay for the repair. The problem is, I had to hand it over to them with a vaguely unsatisfactory “this will take three to five days…we’ll call you.”

THREE TO FIVE DAYS!? My computer is such a fundamental part of my life, it’s impossible for me to think of being cut off for so many days. I’m writing this on a friend’s laptop at the moment. I spent a chuck of time at the library this afternoon, using the computers there to sift through email and start some research. But man-oh-man… not having a computer to check compulsively is trying, indeed.

I’ve realized that I now have no idea what to do with myself when I come home — not having a computer has reminded me that my usual habit is to start ‘er up and check in. Ok, I’ll admit it: I check email compulsively. I hate the disconnected feeling that comes from not being able to instant message a friend if I’m feeling a pang of loneliness. I like being able to turn to the Internet when I need to know stuff. NOT having the computer is only proving how fundamental that silly piece of black hardware is to my well-being.

So what am I going to do instead? Maybe not having my computer for awhile will force me to become wildly creative. Maybe I’ll come home and pick up a book? Maybe I’ll crack open my art supply box? Maybe I’ll have to talk on the phone for contact, rather than counting on email-gratification? Maybe the whole experience will be incredibly good for me?

Anyone got any brilliant insights or advice? Is anyone else willing to admit to sharing my addiction?


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2 comments on “Cut Off!
  1. MissBuckle says:

    I know just how you feel, but going analogue does do wonders for free time. How about some baking?

  2. cait says:

    my computer died unexpectedly tuesday morning, i woke up and it wouldnt turn on fully. I had my dad look at it but im pretty sure its done for. I hope to god I can get all my information off of it without paying upteen million dollars.
    I am currently experiencing daily bouts of seperation anxiety and abandonement.
    I have no suggestions for you, I am on my phone every 10 minutes now until I can get a new computer.


    although, last night I baked cookies and it was really satisfying.

    I’m going to call you soon also.

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