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Truly vanished!

hello readers!
It’s funny that my last post was titled ‘vanishing lives’… and then you don’t hear from me for weeks. Truly – it wasn’t intentional! I’ve been meaning to write for weeks, but I’ve just been so busy with work and the distractions of my former life (I’m still back in Halifax) that it’s been hard for me to get my head my grad school related tasks.

But I’m getting back on track: with school gearing up in a very few short weeks (or less!), I need to start readying myself for what’s next. My project has been percolating away in the back of my mind while I’ve been working. I am fortunate in that my community here in Halifax includes a good number of very clever people who are skilled in the art of storytelling, filmmaking and animating, among other things (all things that will come into play in my thesis project!).

I have bashed my film idea through with a few of them and am leaving with some new leads and things to try. This crazy project is a little overwhelming in my mind, sometimes, but I think it’s going to come together ok. The key will be in getting started as soon as I get back to Kingston next week — not in waiting to March to get down to work.

Speaking of school, this morning I am heading off to the Tatamagouche Summer Free School, an initiative started by a few friends of mine who are based on a farm on the north shore of Nova Scotia. Based on the idea that everyone has something to learn, and everyone has something to teach, I am about to spend a few days learning everything from fencing and finger knitting. There will be discussions around education models, climate change and medicinal herbs. In the evening, there will be barn dance-parties, and movies in the “amphitheatre” (made from hay bales). I’m going to be teaching a workshop in freelance journalism for which I will admit I am thoroughly underprepared (though prepared to wing it — it’s actually something I know something about!).

I’m going to the Free School with an open mind, but I’ll admit that I’m a little nervous, too. I have spent a lot of time at the farm in Tatamagouche and have lots of fond memories… so I’m not sure how I feel about sharing the space with 100 other people looking for a utopian ideal. We’ll see how it goes. Updates soon.

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