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First Day of the Last Month

Whoa, people: it’s December. That came up fast, eh? With the Big Day a mere 25 days away now, I finally feel like all the xmas decorations are on the cusp of becoming more tolerable.

And I’m sorry that I haven’t written for awhile! There hasn’t been a particularly good reason for my neglecting my blogging-duties: I merely got distracted.  The days all piled up on top of one another, creating a big blur of time from which I am only now emerging, squinting my eyes at the sun, appalled to find that it’s already Wednesday. Not even a remotely sunny one.

Nope, it’s grey and rainy — a generally blah day — in K-town. I am at the Sleepless Goat cafe, writing this with a coffee nestled at my side (remember I said I was easing coffee out of my life for awhile? It was short lived). I started the day by meeting a friend for breakfast, which was great.

I do love early morning hang-outs. Though getting oneself out of the house for morning coffee sessions can be a slog sometimes, it’s always well worth it. There’s really nothing nicer than starting the day with a friend, rather than a heap of unanswered email. I also like that once the coffee has been drunk, and the friend has departed to get on with her day (like now) I’m already out, revved up, and ready to get to work.

This is a funny time of year, work-wise. For people who have been taking courses, things are wrapping up — but that often means it is time to turn attention to research and paper-writing. For those of us with relatively unscheduled days (read, think, write, repeat), little changes. It’s hard to get excited for “the break” when every day could be a break if you wanted it to be (on the flip side– it can be hard to take a break when your to-do list is constant and not schedule-dependent).

As far as my work goes these days, I am just a little reading machine. I recently proposed to my committee that I start up a blog (separate from this one) to work out my ideas/share my thoughts as I read/get feedback from the outside world. Everyone seems to think it’s a good idea. In fact, I’m now starting to wonder if the future of my project should be online, rather than in documentary form? Surely the web is the perfect incubator for ideas? It’s not a traditional forum for academic research (a world in which written papers, sometimes disseminated at academic conferences to a select audience is de-rigeur), but the more I think about it, the more it seems like an exciting possibility for exploring ideas and for sharing research. A documentary is a fixed, final project, whereas work on the web can be in constant dialogue with the outside world.

Hrmmm.. I have much to consider.

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