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hiya readers!

I can’t believe it’s already Saturday! I had fully intended to write a blog post on THURSDAY. But then a friend came to visit from out of  town, and I got swept up in a (fun) whirlwind of shopping, parties, and catch-ups over coffee.. and well, here it is Saturday already!

I’m actually on a train heading for Toronto. Most of the students who loaded on with me at Kingston seem to be going home for the holidays, but I’m actually just going for a few days to visit with friends/attend some xmas parties/get my fix of big-city living. I’ll be in Kingston over the holidays, hunkering down with a few friends in what we are calling “Orphans Christmas,” which is what happens when most of the people in your family decide they just aren’t feeling it this year.

But I’ve got more exciting news to share! As many of you know, I am a Master’s student who came back to school after not be in academics for awhile. My friends and colleagues will already know that I’ve always insisted that I had no interest in presenting at conferences and/or publishing in academic journals because I’m (most likely) not going to do a PhD, and because I didn’t know what the heck I’d have to say that anyone would want to hear.

That’s why it’s a bit funny for me to now get to declare that… I applied to and was accepted to my very first academic conference!

Yep, that’s right. I rustled up my courage and applied to an American conference a friend suggested might be a good fit for me. And… tah dah! It worked! I am excited (and nervous!) about the fact that I will be presenting some of my pubic hair research at a conference on Deviant Bodies at Sarah Lawrence College in the U.S.A in March.

It has reminded me, yet again, that there is value in trying to push through and do things that scare us. Having never applied for a conference before, I felt a bit freaked out about getting a proposal and CV together, and at a couple of points in the process I almost walked away from it (“meh- I probably won’t get accepted.. so why am I doing this to myself?”).. but a friend encouraged me to persevere.

And now, I’m so glad I did! I’m already a little nervous about it, but I’m excited, too, at the prospect of a challenge, and at having to take on something new. We’ll see how it goes…

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  1. Congratulations Meredith. I am sure you will have them all v v interested.

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