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A “Harry Potter Room” post

Hello, hello! Welcome to Monday.

Man, it’s cold out today. The radio announcer this morning said it was -29C with the wind chill, though he assured us it would warm up to -8C over the course of the day. A good day for staying in with books and school work, no?

Well, I am very pleased to report that DAY 1 of my new work-plan is in full-effect. I am writing from the “Harry Potter Room” at Douglas Library. One of my cultural studies colleagues and I have decided to motivate one another by meeting at 10am every day to settle in to productive work days here at the library. We aren’t working TOGETHER by any means, but we are working side-by-side, each at our respective work.

With the cold, I don’t know that I could have willed myself out of the house this morning under normal circumstances. Because I had a work date, however, I knew I had to do it. I got here at 10:05 with a travel mug full of coffee – only to find my friend already at it. So I set up at one of the nice wooden desks, took a deep inhale, and settled in.

Well, it’s now almost 1pm, and I am very pleased to report that between the peer-pressure to keep working (cause let’s be honest — when you make a work date with a friend, that’s basically what you’re after) and mytomatoes.com, I have been having quite the productive little morning.

The atmosphere in here right now is lovely: it’s bright and quiet, and everyone around me is intently staring at a screen or at a book. I guess only the academic die-hards hit up the library first thing on a freezing-cold monday morning!

And I do have to admit, it really does feel good to settle in and focus your attention on something for awhile. This morning I have been writing applications in hopes of securing a little funding to help me take my trip to the conference in New York in March. After lunch, I’ll do some reading (I picked up a new book at the library this morning) and keep scribbling away at my annotated bibliography.

I’m sure it also helps that I really had a nice break this weekend. Sure, I did some reading, but I took most of yesterday off in favour of going cross-country skiing at Little Cataraqui Conservation Area. It was my first time skiing in about 10 years, but I mostly managed to keep up! Ski rentals are a mere $14 for the day — and the conditions were glorious! Someone told us the snow was the best he’d seen in at least five years… If you’re in Kingston, it’s definitely well-worth a visit. The skating rink there looks pretty great too!

Here’s photographic evidence from yesterday…me on skis!

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