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Kingston is cold (and other obvious statements)

Oh, Kingston — you’re a cold place to be today. It’s something crazy like -29C here today… and a good deal colder with the wind chill (I think I heard -36C!). The sun may be shining, and the roads and sidewalks may be passable (it’s too cold to snow), but being outside is far from pleasant today.

Still: I dragged myself out of the house this morning and over to the library, where I am pleased to report I managed to make some headway on a paper I’ve started drafting for the conference I’ll be attending in March (really, it’s just an excuse for me to start getting my thoughts organized now so that I know how to proceed with my work).

Another friend has decided to sign on for the 10am-work-at-the-libarary ritual, but since she didn’t know exactly where to go this morning, she stopped by my place beforehand to pick me up. And it’s good that she did (arriving with the lower parts of her face dusted with frost)– otherwise, I’m not convinced I would have found the will to go outside at all today.

My friend was pleased with the results of our productive morning — and she’s agreed to meet at the library again tomorrow. I tell you — between the ritualizing the work-day and working with the mytomatoes.com webpage, I really am starting to feel better about my work and my capacity to get it done.

I also, finally, decided to sign up for Google Alerts to help feed my research. If you’re doing any kind of research where knowing what people in the blogosphere are saying on a particular topic would be an asset, it’s something I would definitely recommend.

With Google Alerts, you can be informed any time the thing you’re interested in (in my case, it’s pubic hair) comes up in the crazy world of the web. I’ve set things up so that every day I get an email from Google with a daily list of relevant things. Though it isn’t necessarily all on-topic for me particularly (the guy who put pubic hair in a police officer’s sandwich, for example, keeps coming up, and I could care less), I’ve been directed to more than a few interesting (and more relevant) sites.

(I don’t mean to sound like an ad for Google! I just figure that we should take advantage of the unconventional research tools available to us!)

Well, I guess that’s it for me. I think it’s time for me to get bundled up and head to the gym. Nothing beats this nasty cold like a good sweat…

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