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New SGS International Student Blog

I’m Yazan Qasrawi, a Ph.D. candidate in the department of civil engineering. Since coming to Queen’s from Jordan in 2000, I have completed an undergraduate as well as a graduate degree as an international student, took advantage of the work

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Lazy Monday

Well so much for bursting into the week in high-productivity mode! Instead, I’ve got off to a terribly slow start. I blame the weather (again): today is grey and rainy/sleety/snowy. The sidewalks are thick with slush and water. It’s not

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The joys (and stresses!) of teaching

It’s already Friday! I have to say, I’ve earned this one. That’s because, while most of my colleagues have been enjoying a break over reading week, I’ve been teaching journalism to a group of kids in grades 7 and 8

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My hectic reading week

When I walked into this cafe this morning to get some work done, I was stunned by how empty it was. Then I remembered. It’s READING WEEK! Campus has stilled. The students are frolicking elsewhere. The coffee shops (like this

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Shutting off the distraction

hi all- For those of you burdened with teaching and classes, this is a very good day indeed. Not only is it beautifully sunny and unseasonably warm out today (ah, the smell of spring…), it’s also the Friday before the

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Monday, Monday…

Well, here we go again! Another week, another giant To-Do list looms. I’m having a lot of trouble finding my get-up-and-go this morning. It could be the weird weather — it’s very grey and rainy.. sort of spring like. Word

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Drown It Out

hiya readers- I’m writing to you from the “Harry Potter” reading room at Douglas library. The light is nice in here today, and it’s wonderfully quiet. I’m often impressed at how this space attracts like-minded, scholarly types who just want

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Figs and Roasted almonds (or, the benefits of studying at someone else’s house)

hiya Readers – Welcome to Monday! I’m writing from a friend’s house. She is studying for an exam and was having trouble concentrating, so she invited me over for a study date. We’re using the tomatoes and are actually managing to

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Do Nothing for Two Minutes

Hey – you know what you need? A break. That’s why this site is totally worth checking out: Do Nothing for Two Minutes The premise is pretty hilariously simple — you’ll get it as soon as you check out the

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