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Figs and Roasted almonds (or, the benefits of studying at someone else’s house)

hiya Readers – Welcome to Monday!

I’m writing from a friend’s house. She is studying for an exam and was having trouble concentrating, so she invited me over for a study date. We’re using the tomatoes and are actually managing to get a fair bit done. She’s been keeping us supplied with tea and snacks (figs, crackers and roasted almonds!), and it’s been quite an enjoyable morning.

There really is power in working with someone else, even if the work you’re doing is not even remotely related (she’s studying Arabic, I’m working on my thesis stuff). Sitting in a chair in a totally different part of the room, I knew I had to keep focused on the reading I was doing. Even though I was feeling a bit restless, I persevered, knowing that if I let myself get distracted with something else, I wouldn’t be keeping up my end of the bargain. Because when you work with someone else, you’re really signing on to helping on another. If I were at home, I might easily have allowed myself to get up from my chair, putter in the kitchen, tidy up the living room — anything but read. But working in someone else’s living room, I owe it both to myself AND to my friend to persevere. It’s part of the deal.

I spent the first hour of the work day revising my ethics review application. My department finally gave me the thumbs up and passed it along to the General Research Ethics Board (GREB) for final approval. They asked for a few changes, which I finally got to this morning. I’m so close to being approved — which means I am close to actually getting to carry on with doing primary research and first person interviews.  Yay! The fun bit.

In the meantime, I’m back to reading theory (this time it’s ‘Modernity at Large’ by Arjun Appadurai) so I can cram a little more weighty stuff into my proposal. My revisions are due later this week and I still feel like I’m fumbling around in ‘ack-what-am-I-doing!’ land. But I’m sure it will all work out.

I think I’m going to take a lunch break, and then get back to my work shortly. After a weekend skiing in Ottawa, I can’t afford to slack! (ie. I didn’t do any work on the weekend, though I did have a good time). I hope your weeks are busy and productive (and fun!).

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