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Lazy Monday

Well so much for bursting into the week in high-productivity mode! Instead, I’ve got off to a terribly slow start. I blame the weather (again): today is grey and rainy/sleety/snowy. The sidewalks are thick with slush and water. It’s not particularly fun (I cursed aloud a couple of times on my walk downtown just now).

That’s right – I was having such a hard time getting going this morning that I had to hit-up a coffee shop to find my motivation. Working at home this morning, I kept being lured back to the couch. I felt like I was moving in slow-motion. I figured that here, at least, the productivity of my fellow coffee drinkers might light a fire under me. Sometimes coffee shops merely provide the illusion of productivity — if you sit before your computer for long enough in a public place, you not only look busy — but something is bound to be produced by the end of the day, right? But other days (like today), they are a godsend: a place to be when nowhere else is working.

I suppose, however, that it’s pretty normal that I would procrastinating on a day like today. Why? Because I have SO MUCH TO DO! On Friday (at the end of this very week!) I am heading to New York City (well, to Yonkers, NY, actually) to present a paper at the Deviant Bodies conference at Sarah Lawrence College. The only task I’ve really assigned myself for the next few days is to get the paper written and rehearsed. So how am I doing? Well thankfully, I wrote four pages of it a few weeks ago, so I’m not starting from scratch…but I do have a (long) ways to go.

My supervisor wisely suggested that I do a run-through of my presentation before a group of supportive audience members (smart friends with constructive criticism) before I have to get up in front of the podium this coming weekend. The dry-run was scheduled for this evening (with wine), but regretfully, it has been postponed due to illness. It means that the pressure is off, for now…but I’ve lost all my will to work today.

Part of the problem is that I’ve been thinking about my research for awhile now, and it’s going to be a challenge to distill everything I want to say into a 15-minute talk. Because I’ve already written four pages, I’ve only got TWO left to play with. I feel like I’m looking at a puzzle, wherein I have to fit everything else I’ve thought about or read about into a few compact, easily digestible little soundbites. A challenge, indeed!

Well, I guess I should get going. There is much writing to be done. Oh, but wait… my cup’s empty. Maybe I just go get myself another coffee first… then chat with my seat mates.. maybe check Facebook and email a few times…

… !!

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