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Bring on the weekend…

hiya readers – Meredith here.

It’s another grey afternoon in Kingston! I’m working on the top floor of the Douglas library, trying to find my motivation. There aren’t too many of us up here this afternoon, and I’m noticing the people around me starting to get more and more distracted by their Facebook accounts and emails and etc as the weekend approaches.

I’ve been having some busy, not un-productive days — so I guess I shouldn’t be beating myself up for having a slow one today. I started with a great yoga class — a yin class (in yin yoga you hold the poses for five minutes at a time!) that left me feeling really loose and relaxed. After that, I carried on downtown and stopped in at Novel Idea to buy myself a copy of Bust magazine.  I don’t buy Bust (a magazine geared at young, hip women with feminist inclinations) much anymore, but I decided to pick up the latest issue after a friend told me it had a good article on hair removal.

The article, called “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: the history of women and their relationship to shaving, laid bare,” is by Johanna Gohmann. It’s a really good piece of writing: smart, accessible, and covering all the right issues (in my opinion) when it comes to discussing women and body hair. On one level, it felt good in a ‘hey- I must be on to something! This mainstream publication is talking about EXACTLY the same stuff that I want to talk about in my thesis!’

But it also felt bad for all the same reasons. While perusing the article, I couldn’t help but feel a nagging ‘uh oh. what else have I got to say about this? Maybe what I’m hoping to say it totally silly and obvious? and hey! I’m a writer! Why didn’t I hit up the mainstream magazines with this story a year ago?’ Bah. Regrets.

A wise friend just assured me that I should see these kinds of articles of affirmation that I’m on the right track with my work. He pointed out (rightly, I hope!) that in pursuing interviews with my research, I will be doing a quite different sort of project. My interviews, he reminded me, will give my work a different sort of depth altogether – and that I won’t know what will come of them until they’re done.

In other words, I’d better get on ’em.

I hope your weekends are all wonderful! Talk to you next week.

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