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The Lost Hour

hi readers – Meredith here.

Happy Monday! I enjoyed a weekend of extreme sloth and laziness. I played a spontaneous game of bowling. I hung out at the Toucan with a great big group of Queen’s-related types. I went to a party (there was dancing). I made some granola and chili (which will not be consumed together). And I didn’t crack a single book or write a useful word.

And though there are many who could make compelling arguments about how I was due for a weekend of true relaxation (especially after spending the last three weekends away!), I will admit that I felt a little guilty being such a lounge-lizard. There was a tiny little voice nagging away at me about how I should have been writing/reading/something — though it was fighting with the voice that was telling me I was due to have a break.

I’m also feeling surprisingly affected by the time change. I don’t know about the rest of you, but an hour never feels like it should make much of a different, right? What’s an hour! Some days I get an hour more or less of sleep, right? That’s why surprised by how terribly groggy I am feeling this morning. I am finding it really tough to get moving this morning. Then again, setting the alarm for 7:00am these days is really like setting it for 6:00am, as far as our bodies are concerned, so I guess it’s understandable.

A quick on-line search revealed all kinds of useful tips for combatting the time-change slump. I found this page particularly useful:


Among the useful suggestions are to make sure you get enough sunlight, vitamin-rich food, and sleep with your shades open (which I am forced to do every night, as my blind is broken and I haven’t found a minute to replace it) so that you wake more readily with the sun. It’s also the sort of day where I need to remind myself to be gentle with myself: beating myself up for not springing out of bed and accomplishing a whole bunch of useful tasks is not a good way to start the week!

I’m writing from home this morning, and have just noticed the sun making an effort to stream through my window. I thought I might work here this morning, but maybe it would do me (and my energy levels) some good to get out of the house. I think I might hit up a coffee shop, or at least take a quick jaunt down to the lake for a few minutes to collect my thoughts/figure out what to do next.

wheeeeee! Happy day to you!

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