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Monday: Sleet-o-rama

Hi- Meredith here:

Well, I gotta say it: getting out of bed this morning was TOUGH! Not only because it’s Monday, and the day is already heavy with the scent of Things That Must Get Done. But to top things off, it’s a horrible weather day. I’m at the library right now, but to get here, I had to squint my way through a wall of wet snow, which is currently sticking to the trees and piling up on the ground in a sort of instant-slush. It ain’t pretty. Bed was a terrible place to leave this morning.

Interestingly (because of the weather I guess) the library reading room where I am currently sitting is practically empty. There are (looking around now) only SIX other people in here at the moment…all silently reading or typing away. There’s a guy sitting near me reading what looks like a novel (maybe he’s an English student?) with a look of contentment on his face — he’s wearing a sort of semi-smile and looks quite happy to be curled up with his book on this miserable morning.

I wish I had reading to do (I envy his position) – but alas: it’ll be computer work for me this morning. I’m writing a blog as part of my research work (you can read it here: www.thelasttriangle.com) and have been spending far too long fussing around with the layout templates, etc. Today I am determined to crank out a little more content, trusting that I can fix the layout issues later. If you happen to peruse the blog, you’ll also note that it’s missing a logo: I’m meeting a designer friend for tea this afternoon and we’ll see if he’s willing to take on my project.

At noon today I’m heading over to a lunch to welcome the people who have been newly accepted into the Cultural Studies program. When I started the program back in September 2009, we were the program’s first cohort (guinea pigs, really!). There were no students ahead of us to ask about the program, or to seek advice from! Today will be my second Cultural Studies lunch — my second shot at chatting up potential students (they’ve all been accepted to the program, but this is their first chance to schmooze with profs and students, and to get a feel for the place).

Interestingly, as a second year MA student, I’m theoretically supposed to have my degree in-hand by the time this new bunch starts. Nevertheless, it’ll be nice to have a chance to meet the new potentials and to be able to tell them a little about my experience as a student in the program, etc etc.

Oh- and I think I promised to report back on the Frontenancs game I attended on Friday night! It was lots of fun — though the Fronts lost 6-3 to Sudbury (though they scored all three goals in the third period in an impressive bid to catch up). Highly recommended! Here’s a picture (taken while the score was still an optimistic 0-0):

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One comment on “Monday: Sleet-o-rama
  1. Barbara says:

    Wishing I could be there today to meet and schmooze with my new CS colleagues. I will be there in spirit!

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