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ahrg! Where are the days going!

hiya readers – Meredith here.

So this is the first time this has happened: I’ve actually been so busy lately that I’ve been FORGETTING to blog! I just stopped by for a chat with a friend who made mention of my blog (this very one) and said something like “… the next time you write your blog…” and I froze. Blog!? The blog! “What day is it?” I asked him, suddenly confused (because I usually blog on Mondays or Tuesdays – and it’s already Tuesday night). “Tuesday” he told me.

I jetted home on my bike and turned on the ol’ computer.

Here’s one reason why things are feeling so crazy. Tomorrow I am doing THREE interviews as part of my thesis research. THREE! I’ve interviewed lots of people in my life (after all, I used to be a journalist!), but somehow interviewing people for a project as important-seeming as my thesis project seems really daunting. I’ve borrowed a little digital recorder from the film department and have to give myself a quick tutorial on how to use it in the morning, before the first subject comes over for tea.

I’ve borrowed a super-fancy digital camera, too, but (unsurprisingly, I guess) nobody wants to be captured on video. The fact is that I will be asking my subjects questions of a personal nature — so I can completely understand why they don’t want to be caught on camera.

It’s going to be quite an interesting thing to actually get started with my interviews. It’s such a process to get to this point: getting ethics board approval, runnings the proposed interview questions by various authorities… and then you have to sit down and actually get one with it! You actually have to ASK the questions you’ve proposed to ask! wheeeeeee! (It’s a little stressful/daunting/vaguely intimidating)

I’m hoping that by getting started, I’ll be creating some (much needed. ahem) momentum for my project.

Of course, the fact is that I’m not exactly sitting around twiddling my thumbs. These days I feel pulled in a million directions by the demands of school, work, social life, and the boring day-to-day stuff (every time I think I’ve caught up with all the dirty dishes, I feel like I’ve suddenly got a sink-full again. Do they multiply while I sleep?).

All I know is that I feel like the days are really whisking. I’m honestly pretty shocked to find that it’s already the END of March. The END! How did this happen!

Ok, people… I have to get to bed. I hope you are all well and happy and staying on top of your work, too!

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