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Good Fridays

hiya- Meredith here.

Today is the best kind of Friday: an unscheduled one. And there’s finally good news for those of us in Kingston — it’s actually SUNNY today!

I had a nice sleep-in this morning, followed by some leisurely pancake-making. I’m off to my mom’s tomorrow for a quick visit, so that’s something to look forward to (I can’t leave earlier because I couldn’t get a rental car until tomorrow).

So I think I’ll take things a little easy today. I had a mega-angsty kind of day yesterday: I’ve been feeling like there is far too much to do and not enough hours in the day to do it all. It actually lead to me waking in the middle of the night a couple of days ago in a mini, too-much-thinking panic, and realizing that I really needed to start doing less: that the pace I was trying to keep wasn’t doing anyone any favours, least of all, me.

The good news is this: telling people you need more time, or that you need help, or that you can’t do as much as you had agreed to it, is both liberating and really effective. Everyone I wrote to, or talked to about my predicament yesterday was totally reasonable: I was assured that it would be ok to put in fewer hours, do a little less, or take a little more time to hit my deadlines.

For immediate relief, I cleared my morning schedule yesterday and took myself out for coffee at the Sleepless Goat. Though I was feeling pretty grumpy going in, the staff there got me fixed up. When I spilled part of my coffee, one of them even brought me a fresh one – it was lovely. I spent a chunk of time there just gazing out the window and watching people buzz through their days.

I was scheduled to conduct an interview as part of my thesis research yesterday afternoon — and I have to say, that I wasn’t feeling totally up for it going in. Though I did consider rescheduling it, I decided that I would probably be better served to push through with the interview.

I’m glad I did. My interview subject and I ended up having a great chat, and I left feeling optimistic about my work. It was a good lesson: sometimes if you’re feeling anxious about something, just pushing through with it is the most effective way to start feeling better.

I capped off the day by having dinner with a friend, and then going to a dance class.

And though I’m not going to give myself the whole day off today (I’m going to try and do a little writing), and also going to try and enjoy the sun and take a little time for myself. I hope you’ll do the same.

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