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Feeling the Pressure…

hi all- Meredith here.

Well, the weather’s nice — I wish I could report that I was feeling equally sunny and carefree, but alas, that’s not the case. Nope, I’ve become a BIG BALL OF ANGST lately! ahrg!

I think it’s a case of feeling pulled in too many directions, and of having too much on my wee plate at the moment. On top of the regular thesis project stuff, this week I start teaching again as part of the SEEDS program at Queen’s. Every week for the next five weeks, I will be teaching journalism to a new batch of junior high school and/or high school students. Fortunately, I will be splitting the session with another journalist — which means I will only be teaching half days (leaving me the other half to get my school work done, right?). Still, it feels like a lot right now.

And it’s not like I haven’t done this teaching before. I taught in the SEEDS program for three days back in February. I had a hilarious, lively bunch of kids who I kept more-or-less engaged while they were my charges. Right now, however, the anticipation of this teaching stuff is proving hugely stressful!

I’m doing my best to compartmentalize my time so that while I’m working on the teaching, I’m not stressing out about how I SHOULD be working on thesis stuff. I can’t say that it’s been entirely effective yet, though. Right now it feels like it has worked itself into a messy swirl in my mind.

Oh- and on TOP of everything, I’m performing tonight! Yes, that’s right: as many of you may know, I dance with a small troupe here in Kingston. Tonight will be my first performance with the ‘Latin Ladies’. We’re doing a number at tonight’s Arts and Letters Club ‘Showcase’.  I think I know what I’m doing, but I have to say that getting myself into a shimmery costume and pasting on a smile aren’t EXACTLY what I feel like doing with my time tonight. Gah!

Ok, ok… I just gotta relax. BREATHE.. BREATHE.. BREATHE.

I guess I should head off into the day. Predictably, my TO-DO list today is a massive list of odds and ends of various description…

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