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Sunny, sunny Monday

hiya friends – welcome to a gloriously sunny Monday. It’s about time! Though the weekend was mostly pleasant, temperature-wise, it was still mighty grey. This spring has been awfully slow coming — today’s sun is much appreciated.

I’ve been working at home this morning. I’ve got the door to my balcony propped open and have been listening to one little bird chirping away for most of the morning (I think he/she has a nest nearby and I am inclined to belief the chirps are to announce a nest full of new arrivals — but perhaps I am being over-imaginative?).

Now that it’s almost 4pm, I’m actually starting to get a little stir crazy and am going to get myself outside for a walk. I’ve been at the computer most of the day doing work of various descriptions. As many of you know, I am writing a blog as part of my research (it’s at www.thelasttriangle.com) and managed to get some content written this morning.

Then, however, I innocently went to download an ‘theme update’ and ended up causing my template to disappear.. meaning I am now running my site on an ugly template and have spent way too much time fussing with trying to figure out what’s wrong. It’s been a little frustrating, to say the least.

Fed up with my computer, I did take a break and went outside to read for a bit on the deck. It really is a glorious place to be. I face a park and can hear kids squealing in the nearby playground and splash park (already open for the season!).

I’ve got a friend coming over for dinner tonight, which is forcing me to be mindful of my time this afternoon. Because I know I’ll have to stop when she comes over, I can keep myself on a bit of a productivity timeline. Today I’ve got my To-Do list written out on a yellow sticky note (of course, it’s only one of a bunch that seem to be cluttering up my workspace) and am trying to stay focused.

I’ve got another busy week ahead: I teach a new batch of SEEDS kids this week (I’m teaching journalism again – here’s a link to the course description: http://esu.queensu.ca/programs/sir/courses.php#Journalism

Classes ramp up on Wednesday, meaning I have today and tomorrow to really spend some time on my thesis work (though because I am only teaching half-days, I can usually spend the other half getting work done).

Theoretically I’m supposed to be finishing up my research now, so I can finish up by the beginning of September. Some days that feels so very impossible… We’ll see what happens. More soon.

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