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Deadlines, deadlines…

hi again – Meredith here.

I hope you’ve all had pleasant weekends. The weather here in Kingston was magnificent all weekend (and still is – I can hear kids playing in the splash park across the street as I write…I wish I could be out there frolicking in the sun with them!). The Skeleton Park Music Festival was a great success. There was time for lounging and reading. All in all, a great weekend.

Ah, but now… back to work. I’ve called up the tomatoes again to help me get through these next few weeks. Yes, there’s a big timer hanging over my head these days. That’s because my supervisor and I have committed to my getting this thesis project together by the end of the summer so that I can graduate in the fall — on schedule.

We had a really productive meeting the other day where we set out some dates by which I have to send her material. Even though she’ll be away for a couple of months this summer, I’m still expected to send her my material, and can count on her to give me feedback so I can keep working…

Though it’s a bit daunting to see the dates dotting my summer schedule, I do think it’s for the best — now I know exactly what I have to do and when I have to get it done for. Hopefully it means I can also make room for some summer galavanting, too — though the deadlines have to be number one.

So that’s the plan for today. I’m shaking off the weekend’s cloak of leisure and am donning my writing-to-deadine hat. I will schedule in breaks for exercise and friends (I’ve got a few stopping in for a light dinner on the balcony this evening), but will try my best to make the deadlines focus.

Today I’m going to draw up a couple of big calendars which can stare down at me from the wall beside my desk. I am going to try and break my bigger deadline tasks into smaller weekly ones… which always seem more achievable. I’m also going to try and stick to a schedule of working solidly every morning… We’ll see how it goes!

Oh- and one more thing: I’m going to turn off my email. I don’t know about the rest of you, but my email inbox is a constant distraction, forever trying to get my attention by waving a me (“hellooooo! Meredith! Over here! Someone wants to say hi!!”) and sucking up huge quantities of time in the process. So today I’ve got it turned off, and will only check in for the five minute increments the ‘my tomatoes’ program allows. Done.

I’m off to work – enjoy the day, wherever you are!

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