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Powers of Concentration? Lacking.

hi all- Meredith here.

I hope you all had pleasant, relaxing weekends. Mine was great – I was in Ottawa for the weekend where I got in a whack of dancing (salsa), as well as a couple of performances with my dance troupe (we served as the half-time show at two different salsa venues). I also had a chance to visit with some friends, do a little reading, and generally enjoy myself.

In fact, I had such a nice time away that I’ll admit I’m finding it a bit of a slog to get back into the ol’ routine today. I’ve got lots of writing to do (and a weekly deadline to meet), especially since this is a short week. Friday is Canada Day, and I’m thinking about heading back to Ottawa (not because of the royals or the bash on Parliament Hill, but because a friend has a big art opening… though if I’m there, I figure I will also go check out some of the Canada Day festivities).

But truly, I can NOT seem to get down to it today! I did get slowed down this morning due to a flat tire on my bike: I took it into the shop early, but then found I was TOO early (they didn’t open til 10am), so I had to go kill some time drinking tea and reading the newspaper on a nearby patio (a most pleasant way to start a morning, I must say!).

It wasn’t, however, the super-whirlwind-get-right-back-into-it start to the morning I was hoping for, though.

Still – the day can still be salvaged! I’m home now and just drafted up a big schedule for the remainder of the week, with big chunks of time blocked out for specific tasks: writing, reading, interviewing, going to the gym, meals, etc. I do find it helpful if I can really set myself concrete goals (ie. today you will write X number of words, or X number of pages), rather than the vague.. “uh.. I guess I’ll try and get some work done today… now…where should I start…” attitude, which often sees me wasting too much time.

Whatever it takes, I’m going to have to rustle up all my powers of concentration this week, so I can make it to Thursday evening and earn myself a real holiday on Friday (rather than feeling guilty about how much work I haven’t done). I’ll check in again soon and let you know how it’s going….

P.S. I still haven’t seen the article on Julyna anywhere – I think it’s possible that they’ve decided not to do a follow-up story after all… ah well.. was fun while it lasted!

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