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Seeking discipline

hello all- Meredith here.

Well, it’s almost 3pm and I am FINALLY getting down to work. I’ve had a lovely day so far, but I can’t say I’ve conquered much, work-wise. I had an early tea with a friend, a yoga class, and then lunch with a (different) friend I was long overdue to catch up with. It was so nice to be out and about this morning — it’s a truly lovely day (sunny, warm, breezy) and and seemed like most of Kingston was out and walking around (ie. lots of nice people to run into).

I thought I would ease myself into getting down to work by hunkering down at a nearby coffee shop, but alas- the fates wanted me to get focused at the library instead: the coffee shop was boiling hot and absolutely packed. I figured the library would, at the very least, be air conditioned — and that felt like a good idea on a day like today.

So, here I am, hunkered down at the library with my computer and some books and my tomatoes, all set to get down to it.

Now I just need to muster up the willpower.

I think I’ll try and do two tomatoes here (that’s one hour’s worth of good, hard concentrating) and then I’ll let myself decamp to the breezy coffee shop (by then, the air conditioning in here will likely have cooled me off to the point where I’m chilly around the edges).

And then later tonight…soccer!

If anyone reading this likes to play totally casual, stress-free, no-skill-level-required soccer, we’d love you to join us! Every week for the last few, a group of us (some of whom know one another, some of whom are new) have been getting together to play pick-up soccer in the field of a nearby elementary school. The most we’ve ever had play at once was 11, which was pretty fun. We run around like crazy. We score a few goals (not that it matters), and we laugh a lot, which is (I think) the point of it at the end of the day.

We’re always looking to expand our roster of potential players, so if you’re reading this in Kingston and are at all interested in coming to play, please don’t hesitate! We’d love to have you.

Well, I guess I should get back to it. I’ve got another weekly deadline to meet and haven’t made a whole lot of progress this week… so I’d best get back to it.

Enjoy your day!

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