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Fancy Friday Coffee

hi all – Meredith here.

I’m tucked into a coffee shop this morning, enjoying a slightly-fancier-than-usual beverage and allowing myself to be mildly distracted by the people coming in and out of this place. I was finding it hard to get going this morning, so I figured taking myself out was the way to go. Plus, it’s Friday: and Friday in the summer almost feels like Saturday. It almost has a celebratory feel to it.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of work from home. Regular readers will remember that in the past, I’ve tended to have more success working out of the library than anywhere else. That’s because there are fewer distractions there: I can engage the tomatoes, tune out the (admittedly, not very dynamic) surroundings and get down to it.

With this beautiful weather (seriously- I think today is perfect: 24C, a warm, sweet smelling breeze, and full sun) I sometimes find myself rolling out of bed and getting into a work groove at home. Because I’m near the beginning of writing my major paper, I still don’t entirely know what books I need – so I have been finding it easier to be near them (I’ve got a significant stack in my living room) than to get to the library only to find I can’t put my finger on the quote I need, etc.

One of the nice things about working from home is also that I can take breaks on my balcony when I need ’em.

But the fact is, that after this experimental period of working from home, I’ve realized that if I’m honest with myself, it’s not really working so well. At the end of the day, I still focus a lot better when I can take myself away from the home-premises and to a more neutral space designed for actually getting work done (or at least for being quiet).

So that’s the plan today: I will slurp back my morning liquid while enjoy the breezes wafting in through the wide-open window I’m sitting in front off. I will rally my energies and once they’re up to speed, I will hit the library for a few solid hours before heading home for lunch (on the balcony, perhaps).

Hrmmm. I have just noticed that it is already 10:15am, and I can see this productive plan falling to pieces before me…I guess I’d better get going. I hope you all have lovely, sun-filled weekends and that you manage to get some time to relax (even those of you preparing for comps or diligently writing to deadlines!).

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