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Starting the week with a BANG!

hi all – Meredith here.

I was awoken this morning to the sounds of thunder and lightening CRASHING outside my bedroom window. What a display! It was about 6:30am when I turned, bleary-eyed, to look at my bedside clock. Since I was due to wake up at 7:30am anyway, I lay awake in bed for awhile feeling awe at the natural display. The humidity in my room was kinda of stupefying, but things seem to have cooled off somewhat.

I’m actually now parked, bright and early, at a downtown cafe with a small pot of tea and an impressive list of things to do. It’s air-conditioned in here, which is nice (I sometimes resent air conditioning because I feel that our summers are so short as it is…we should be taking advantage of them rather than huddling indoors in the frigid air — when you have to get work done, however, it’s rather a gift).

I know I should be hunkering down with  my thesis work (every time I turn around I hear a gleeful report that one of my classmates has already handed in a first draft, and I feel terribly behind), but I’m being terribly distracted by the ‘what’s next?’ question lately. I know, I know… I should be finishing one task (ie. this degree) before carrying on to the next, but I can’t help it: not knowing what I’ll be doing in the fall has got me feeling a little anxious – especially as I watch my bank balance fall and don’t know how the heck I’m going to get it on an upwards trajectory.


I suppose we’re all in the same boat though: those of us finishing up our degrees are worrying about what we’re going to do come the fall, but anyone working on a degree has to occasionally look up and wonder what the future has in store.

So I’ve been trolling job sites and thinking about how to hone my networking skills, all while wondering, at heart, what it is that I want to be doing next. I realize it all depends on attitude: some days I see the future as wide open and full of possibility… while at other times it all feels a bit bleak and worrisome. What kind of experience are the rest of you having?

I guess I should get going. I just refilled my teapot and need to get going with my work (the only bad thing about working at this particularly coffee shop is how easily I can get distracted by the other people I know who are also working here! There’s a nice sense of community, but we can be a bad influence on one another when we want to be!).

Here’s to a busy, productive, interesting week!

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