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Holiday (?) Monday

Hi again – Meredith here.

So, word is that today is a holiday. Well, I have to say: you wouldn’t know it from the scene here at a downtown coffee shop. I recognize more than a few grad students diligently working away on their laptops (more than half the people in here at the moment are working on computers), and the rest are reading and taking notes, or editing fat drafts of their theses.

As a friend posted on Facebook this morning: “long weekend? what?’ -typical grad student.”

I’m having a heck of a time getting going this morning. I’m feeling last night’s soccer game in my poor aching muscles and have been slow to wake up this morning.  But even though my fingers still feel half asleep, I know I have to put in some serious time on my work today (oh, how I wish the library was open today! It can be hard to get into a work rhythm at a coffee shop).

But don’t worry – I haven’t worked all weekend. On Saturday, I took in some of the Princess Street Promenade with a few friends, and then retired to City Park for a spontaneous picnic (made up of leftovers from Friday’s birthday potluck). And after a leisurely breakfast out with a friend (it was my first visit to Peter’s Place, a cozy little diner in downtown Kingston where a plate of breakfast will only set you back five bucks), I spent part of yesterday sorting through the impossibly significant pile of paper on my desktop in an attempt to de-clutter my poor, scattered mind.

But man-oh-man… while my fellow Master’s students are whipping their research into neat-and-tidy piles, I am struggling a bit to get my final paper written. I’m finding it challenging to consolidate my research and to find the critical language to properly sum up what I’ve been thinking about for the last little while — though I guess if it were easy, they wouldn’t call it a Master’s degree, right?

There’s also the question of a possible strike: it’s rather been hanging over all of our heads as we try and determine how it’s going to affect our work. My biggest worry, at the moment, is that the strike forces me to extend my work into the fall, and that keeps my from pursuing my next projects, all while having to pay unanticipated fees.


It’s hard to know what’s going to happen. For now, I know I just have to keep my head down and proceed as if everything is going ahead as planned. We’ll see what happens (stay tuned!).

I’m off to find myself some lunch. Enjoy the day (and the week!).

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